Murder in the First Recap: State of the Union

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Murder in the First Recap: State of the Union
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Murder in the First” Season 2 Episode 7 “State of the Union” aired last Monday, July 20, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on TNT. In this episode, the San Francisco Homicide Department helped out Homicide Inspector Edgar Navarro (Lombardo Moyar) with his current problem, which got them nowhere near in figuring out what had really happened to Homicide Officer Kaleb Peat (Adam O’Byrne). Meanwhile, Homicide Officer Marty “Junior” Mulligan (AJ Buckley) asked for some help from his father, and Jamie Nelson (Laila Robbins) took a trip to Dustin Maker’s (Mateus Ward) summer childhood home-Pleasantville. In the end, the Homicide Unit made a startling discovery, and Malcolm “Suger” Cascade (Mo McRae) discovered that there was more than meets the eye in the ongoing tensions between his gang and another gang. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with Homicide Officer Marty “Junior” Mulligan (AJ Buckley) making a collection for Commander Criolla (Billy Malone), his “connection” to the Police Union, and told him that he wanted out.

The next morning, at the US Border Inspection to Mexico, Homicide Inspector Edgar Navarro (Lombardo Boyar) was stopped It was after being tagged with a “Law Enforcement Alert,” which led him to a detention room. He was confronted by Homicide Lieutenant Terry English (Taye Diggs), Homicide Inspector David Molk (Raphael Sbarge) and Homicide Inspector Hildy Mulligan (Kathleen Robertson). He then explained that he had brought his brother into Mexico, and told them that he couldn’t have killed Homicide Detective Kaleb Peat (Adam O’Byrne). He had been with Homicide Officer Walt Martin’s (Inny Clemens) mother as he had helped out with the funeral arrangements.

At the local prison, Attorney Aaron Mazur (Adam Kulbersh) discovered from Dustin Maker (Mateus Ward) that they had gotten the guns off the internet, and the flash bombs by using his partner’s mother’s connection to the military base at Modesto.

Later that night, in retaliation for the death of his sister, Malcolm “Suger” Cascade (Mo McRae) killed one of Andy Chan’s men.

The next morning, Jamie Nelson (Laila Robbins) paid a visit to Dustin’s uncle. He told her that Dustin had broken his arm when he was six as he had not been careful with the tools in the garage. Jamie also discovered that Dustin’s uncle had also taught him how to hunt. After following Dustin’s rebellious female cousin, she discovered that Dustin had been sent home after he “broke the rules.” He had punched her in the face for calling him a name after he fell down while playing soccer with her brothers. However, Dustin clammed up after Jamie told him that she knew that his uncle had caused him arm to break. Dustin’s cousin mentioned that her father, whom she was scared of, used to “discipline” her brothers and Dustin.

While Terry and Hildy took a look at a drive-by shooting in which Suger’s men had died in Chinatown, Navarro struggled with problems at home. Officer Raffi Veracruz (Emmanuelle Chiqrui) began to get suspicious of Criolla’s wrong tip about a possible grow house tip. Later, when Kaleb’s sister passed by for Kaleb’s things, she mentioned that he and Walt had been talking about joining the Police Union together.

Later that night, at the McCormack house, Junior asked for help from his father, Martin John McCormack (Josh Clark), who, later told Hildy that he was proud of her, something that he didn’t do very often.

Later, Suger agreed to meet Andy Chan. He told him that he didn’t kill Suger’s sister and that they were being set up by a third party who wanted a gang war so that he could take over the entire operation himself.

The next morning, Junior’s father confronted Criolla, who told him that if he reported him, then the Union, which Martin had been a member of, would also go down with it.

Meanwhile, thanks to a tip from Lieutenant Jim Koto (Ian Anthony Dale), Terry and Molk found the Nazi Brotherhood’s second in command. They forced him to remove to hit on Navarro’s family by threatening him.

Koto then got a phone call as Sarah Tran’s body had been found. It turned out that she had died of asphyxiation, had been garroted and had been dead for six weeks. It begged the question of who had sent the voice mail to her husband three weeks ago.

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