Murder in the First Season 2 New Trailer Details

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Murder in the First Season 2 New Trailer Details
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In around a week’s time, TNT’s “Murder in the First” will return to the small screen. In anticipation for its upcoming second season, Spoiler TV has released another trailer, which promises its viewers and fans that this season’s mystery will be even more twisted, more dark, and more action packed than the first. Read on to learn more about the second season of TNT’s “Murder in the First”.

The latest trailer of TNT’s “Murder in the First” promises fans and  audiences that the latest case that the San Francisco Police Department will have to solve, is even more twisted and convoluted than that of the first season.

In the trailer, a voice over narrates that in San Francisco, “fear is in the air”, always, and to overcome it, one must be “willing” to lose one’s self  and must be willing to lose sight of everything that one fights for or believes in.

In the trailer, Inspector Hildy Mulligan (Kathleen Robertson), Inspector Terry English (Taye Diggs) and Lieutenant Jim Koto (Ian Anthony Dale) geared up as they called for back-up and ambulances to go to a particular area where a shoot-out involving a school bus had just occurred.

Later, Mulligan and English looked around inside the bloody bus.

The trailer also showed that everyone will be tested, as tensions between partners and colleagues rose, which was illustrated by several detectives going at each other.

They then realized that each murder, which sometimes just a set up, led more murders, and led them deeper and deeper into a mystery, in which the culprit is playing a long game with them. This was further emphasized when Mulligan tried calming down a teenaged boy who had a gun in one hand, and was dragging a girl with him as his hostage, who also told Mulligan that she was the only one who could stop this sick game from going on.

Are you excited for the upcoming season? What do you think will happen to English and Mulligan in this all new case?  What do you think this case is all about? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Catch an all new season of “Murder in the First” at 10:00 PM every Monday starting on June 8, 2015 on TNT.

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