Murder Plot To Kill Justin Bieber Stopped

By admin | 6 years ago

Justin Bieber has become accustomed to his crazed fans. However, a murder for hire plot that involved the pop star has taken a fan’s obsession with the pop phenom to another level. Investigators said that three men had devised a plan to murder and castrate Bieber last month at a concert in New York’s Madison Square Garden.

The grotesquely sinister plan started when crazed fan Dana Martin, who is a convicted murderer and currently in prison serving two life sentences for rape and murder met, in 2000, Mark Staake in a Las Cruces, New Mexico prison.

After developing a bond, Martin asked Staake to commit four murders, including one involving Bieber as the victim, once Staake was released from prison. Martin told Staake and Tanner Ruane, Staake’s nephew to go to Vermont to kill two former friends before going to New York to kill Bieber.

Martin told Staake exactly how he wanted him to kill Bieber, including using a paisley tie to strangle the pop singer. As far as castrating his victims, Staake left his nephew in charge of that. One report says that Staake put a $2,500 bounty on each of the two testicles of Bieber.

Martin apparently was not able to allow the murders to go through and turned in his accomplices. After Martin spoke to authorities, Staake was arrested in Vermont prior to any of the four killings. Ruane, the nephew was then arrested the next day while in possession of tools to be used in the murders and information about the intended victims.

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