The Musketeers Recap: Through A Glass Darkly

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The Musketeers Recap: Through A Glass Darkly
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“The Musketeers” Season 2 Episode 6 “Through A Glass Darkly” aired last Friday, Feb. 20, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on BBC One. In this episode, the entire court went to the chateau of the astronomer Marmion (Leo Gregory) in order to view a solar eclipse. However, as soon as the celestial event began, they realized that they had walked right into a trap. Marmion forced King Louis (Ryan Gage) to decide his court’s and family’s fate in a cruel game of chance. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with a man, an astronomer named Marmion (Leo Gregory), who flipped a coin into the air. His servants pulled ropes in order to make the model of the planets, sun and moon move above him.

On the grounds of the palace, King Louis (Ryan Gage), holding his son, the Dauphin. He demonstrated Galileo’s explanation of an eclipse by using himself as the sun, Milady de Winter (Mamie McCoy) as the moon, and Queen Anne (Alexandra Dowling) as the Earth. Because of this, Athos (Tom Burke) decided to go back to the garrison. Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) hated the fact that the queen had been humiliated. But as Louis demonstrated, the moon may block the Earth from the sun. After a while, the sun’s light returns back to the Earth, no matter what. The Comte de Rochefort (Marc Warren) then talked about the chateau of the astronomer Marmion. He suggested that they go there to watch the eclipse.

While waiting for the royal party, Marmion was pleased to learn from his brother, Robert (Nathan Wright), that everything was ready for them. Then, Robert escorted them in. Constance Bonacieux (Tamla Kari), the queen’s confidant, mentioned to the musketeer D’Artagnan (Luke Pasqualino), who was escorting her, that she had a bad feeling about the place.

As soon as they entered, Rochefort instructed his Red Guards to secure the place. As they did so, they were all either knocked out or killed by Marmion’s servants. Robert then escorted them to their seats, and the Musketeers took their positions in order to guard the king. Afterwards, Marmion informed his audience that back in the day. Their ancestors regarded an eclipse as sign that the world was going to end. He reminded everyone that one must think of their own role and place in the universe. He encouraged them to wonder if one could control one’s own fate. Afterwards, he removed the cloth from the camera obscura, and told them to wear the glasses that would protect their eyes so that they could watch the eclipse.

Back at the garrison, Treville (Hugo Speer) fixed his quarters and hung up his armor. Athos, holding a drink in his hand reassured his captain that he would be wearing his armor again soon. However, he acknowledged the fact that he had made a mistake in not accepting the position on the king’s council. He told Athos that he was planning to leave the service, as he felt that it was “time for a change.” Athos then handed him a drink, and they drank while watching the eclipse unfold.

Meanwhile, just as the eclipse finished, Marmion’s men subdued the King, the queen, and the courtiers. The musketeers then surrendered because if they made a move to save the king, then Louis would die. Aramis then got thrown out of the window after he pleaded for the safety of the women and the Dauphin. Rochefort and Porthos were then sent, handcuffed together to the cellar and D’Argtanan was kept there to “witness the game.” Constance tried to defend D’Argtanan, and because of that, the two were tied together.

Inside the cellar, Rochefort and Porthos her handcuffed together on either side of a large pillar. Porthos then realized that Marmion had been planning this operation for quite some time. He reassured Rochefort that Aramis was still alive. The two then agreed to work with each other so that they would be able to get out safely.

Back at the observatory, Marmion informed the king that they would be playing a game with “simple choices and with simple outcomes.” He then told them that they would be playing a game of chance in order to late fate decide whether they would live or not, by guessing which side a flipped coin would land on. Milady then decided to take a chance on it, because if she guessed correctly, she would be able to go free. She guessed correctly, and was escorted outside, much to the annoyance of the king, who ordered her to stay. Once she was out, she ran to where their horses were. She rode off to the palace on one of their horses waiting outside so that she could get some help.Two other guys called heads.

Meanwhile, somewhere on the grounds, Aramis woke up. He began to scale the building’s walls in order to find a way back in.

Inside the cellar, Porthos and Rochefort decided to try to get the hooks in the pillars so that they could use it to pry their cuffs off. However, this required that the other person’s arms would get pulled in order to reach it.

Back at the observatory, Louis reminded Marmion that in every game, there were always consequences. Marmion then recognized the fact that Louis was slowly getting it. He instructed the men to put the queen, the Dauphin and Marguerite (Charlotte Salt) in one room; and to place three of Louis’ courtiers in another. After Robert left the queen in her room, he instructed the other men and women in the chateau to start packing up. Afterwards, Robert told his brother that he was uncomfortable that Marmion was going to kill innocent people. However, Marmion reminded him that it was the King’s fault that they had no more family left.

While the two brothers talked, D’Argtanan apologized to Constance for putting her in this situation. He told her that she was the bravest woman that he had ever known. She then told him that she wished that she wasn’t married, but that she couldn’t do anything about it to change that fact, however, D’Argtanan reminded her that she could change things if she only dared to. He then stood up as Marmion returned and forced the king to pick one of the two rooms in which one of his men was going to enter. He then told the king the choices at hand, and deliberately left out which one contained the queen and the Dauphin.

Back at the garrison, Milady told Athos and Treville what had happened. At first, Athos didn’t believe her, but Treville decided to trust her anyway. Milady then reminded him that the other musketeers shouldn’t be seen at first as Marmion would kill the king, and told them that they needed her to get in, and asked for some clothes. Athos was surprised that Milady wanted to help out, but that faded away after Milady reminded him that if the king died, then she would lose her position in court. After helping her up her horse, they all rode towards the chateau.

Inside the dungeon, Porthos rested for a while after several failed attempts at reaching for the hook on his side. As they rested, Rochefort told Porthos that he had learned how to be patient while at the Spanish prison, and told him that the only thing that kept him going was the thought of the woman that he loved, who was married. He didn’t reveal who the woman was, but told him that he would be able to easily get rid of her husband.

Back at the observatory, after much anguish, Louis chose room number one. After Marmion let his man leave for the chosen room, Robert confronted his brother as he realized that Marmion intended to show no mercy towards the people who were locked up, as no mercy was shown to their family and friends. After several minutes of anguish, Marmion informed the king that the queen and the Dauphin were still alive and told him that he now knew how to make difficult decisions, and that he now knew how his decisions affected others.

Outside, Milady managed to get the guards to open the gates for her. Once he did, she stabbed him, and Treville and Athos quietly dispatched of the other two.

Meanwhile, Aramis managed to knock out the guard at the queen’s door, and opened the room. Anne then hugged him in delight as he wasn’t dead. She was even more pleased when she saw that Aramis never took off the gold cross she gave him. Marguerite who watched them carefully, hugged Aramis. The queen then looked at him, and understood. She then allowed Aramis to hold their son, and for a moment, the three looked like a family. It was until she reminded him of his duty towards the Dauphin. He then gave Marguerite his gun, and took hold of the baby in order to protect him.

Back at the observatory, Marmion informed D’Argtanan that he was hoping to achieve balance. He told them that his small village had been quarantined off due to the plague, on Louis’ orders. However, they had slowly died of starvation as no food came for them, and in the end, he had to flip a coin to decide which of his sons was going to live. However, despite that fact, his youngest son still died, and that he, Robert and those there were the last remaining people of their village. He then told Louis that it was now his turn to know how it felt like to play God.

Meanwhile, Rochefort managed to get the hook; got rid of the guard and set Porthos’ dislocated shoulder back in its socket. They then met up with Athos, Milady, and Treville, and later on, ran into Aramis. Athos then instructed Aramis to get the queen to safety first. They looked for another way into the observatory. Athos then told Milady to stay behind so that she would be safe, but she refused to do so.

Robert told his brother that he wanted to leave already, but Marmion wouldn’t stop until the King knew how it felt like to be “dead inside”. He then told Louis that he was going to decide Constance’s fate. As Marmion got ready to shoot her, she told him that his family would be ashamed of him. D’Argtanan then intervened and told him to take his life for hers because he loved her. Marmion then tried to shoot him, but ended up killing Robert who had stood in front of D’Argtanan. Afterwards, in order to stall for time, D’Argtanan decided to let Marmion participate in his own game and let him make the call as to whether the king died, or they all went free. However, the odds were not in the king’s favor and just as he handed the gun to D’Argtanan, Rochefort and the others burst in and saved them. Meanwhile, Rochefort chased Marmion and shot him to death.

Afterwards, the king got mad at D’Argtanan for deciding to stall for time like that. He ordered Milady to get out of her apartments. Milady then realized that the reward for virtue was nothing, but Athos told her that she had earned his respect, even if she didn’t care about it.

Outside, Louis was relieved to see that Anne and the Dauphin were well. Constance decided to change her own fate by telling D’Argtanan that she loved him, and kissed him in front of everyone. Anne then affirmed the fact that Constance was married to her husband, and smiled and looked at Aramis, who looked back at her.

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