The Musketeers Recap: The Return

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“The Musketeers” Season 2 Episode 5 “The Return” aired last Friday, Feb. 14, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on BBC One. In this episode, the Musketeers went to look for Athos (Tom Burke) at his estate of Pinon after he was kidnapped by his people who needed him back as the Comte de la Fere as they needed his protection against the Baron Renard (Miles Anderson). Read on to learn more about this episode.

Athos (Tom Burke) woke up and found that he had been kidnapped and had been tied to a chair. Meanwhile, at the garrison, D’Artagnan (Luke Pasqualino), Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) and Porthos (Howard Charles) went to Treville (Hugo Speer) and told them that they were now quite worried as Athos had been missing for days and wasn’t in any of his usual taverns. Treville couldn’t understand why they were telling him this, as he was now just an ordinary musketeer, and told them that he would help them if they would help him finish up clean out the stables.

Meanwhile, Athos discovered that he recognized his captors as Bertrand (Steve Evets), an innkeeper at Pinon, and his daughter, Jeanne (Linzey Cocker), who told them that they had no choice but to kidnap him since he had ignored all of the letters that they had sent to him — the Comte de la Fere asking for help. After staggering out of the inn, he realized that they had brought him back home to his home estate — Pinon.

Back at the garrison, after reading the unopened letters from Pinon, they decided to go and see what was happening over there. Treville then decided to ride with them, but as a common musketeer, as that was he was now. However, they still continued to call him “captain.” Before they left, Porthos confronted Treville once again regarding the truth that General de Foix had known about him, but Treville refused to talk about it.

Back at Pinon, Athos was told that they needed him back as they needed protection from Baron Renard (Miles Anderson), who burnt their crops and abused his power on them, as he wanted Pinon for himself. Suddenly, Edmond (Barney White), the son of the baron, arrived and started beating up an innocent farmer. Athos then unhorsed him, and the two were about to fight but was quickly stopped by Baron Renard, who made Edmond realize that the man he was fighting was the Comte de la Fere himself. Renard then tried to come across as someone who wanted to help the people, but Athos knew better. Both agreed to settle things, just as noblemen should.

They then went into the inn where Athos told him that he was renouncing his title, which shocked Renard, as doing this was almost akin to blasphemy in their books. However, Athos maintained that as he was still the legal land owner, he wanted Renard to treat them as they deserve to be treated, to which Renard agreed to do. However, as he felt that all peasants were vermin, he began to treat them like so and had Athos’ bound so that Edmond could whip him so that Athos could become an example to his people. Bertrand tried to stop Edmond and got whipped himself. However, they were interrupted after a woman with a gun shot the rope to let him lose. Afterwards, Renard and his men left and took Jeanne with them, as Porthos, Aramis, D’Artagnan and Treville had arrived. They then untied him and gave him a set of new clothes, while Aramis and Porthos tended to the injured Bertrand. Afterwards, the two promised him that they would get Jeanne back safe and sound.

Meanwhile, D’Artagnan tried to show Athos that his people did need him, but since Athos didn’t care about Pinon, he decided to ride back to Paris. While he prepared his horse, D’Artagnan reminded him that if he ran away, that would mean that Milady (Maimie McCoy) and her influence had won over and would effectively turn Pinon into her victims as well.

However, Athos would not listen and rode out to his old home, which was now in ruins. Along the way, he passed by the tree where he had had Milady hung and remembered the days when they were still happy together. In his old house, he entered a room with a fireplace and remembered that that was where his brother’s betrothed, Catherine (Marianne Oldham) had called for him and showed him that Milday had killed Thomas. He then remembered that Milady had begged for his help, but he had done nothing. His thoughts were then broken as Catherine called out his name.

It turned out that she and her father had lost everything and that she had moved into the servant’s quarters after her father had died. She then survived by hunting and shooting animals in the forest for food. She then revealed to him that she had heard everything he had said at the inn and asked if he was really giving up his title and wondered why exactly Athos had hated his wife. She then tried to get him to enjoy some brandy, but he couldn’t bring himself to drink to old times. Catherine then revealed to him that she had been happy and didn’t mind the fact that she had been given to Thomas after Athos had come home with Milady. Athos then apologized for all the hurt he had caused her, which made her wonder if he had ever thought of her and how much she had suffered. She then revealed to Athos that she didn’t want to fight with the peasants against Renard as all she cared about was that she would be restored to her former position. If Renard could give her that, she wouldn’t mind. However, Athos warned her not to trust Renard. Catherine then told him that she was glad that Milady had been hanged and hoped that she was where she deserved to be now.

Meanwhile, at Renard’s estate, the baron told his son that if he wanted Pinon, he would have to fight for it.

Back at Pinon, D’Artagnan and Treville were dismayed at the fact that the villagers didn’t have any weapons at all. However, they were interrupted by Athos, who had returned and told them that he had a secret store of weapons that they could use. He and D’Artagnan went to the vault, where his father and himself had kept a secret armory, just in case. While there, Athos paid his respects at his brother’s grave, as all of his ancestors had been buried there. While in front of Thomas’ grave, Athos remembered that he had not helped Milady when she was being taken away after she killed Thomas and remembered that he had told her that she was going to die. Afterwards, as they were loading the car with guns, swords and gunpowder, Catherine came out. Athos introduced her to D’Artagnan, who told them that she couldn’t understand why Athos had chosen to become a mere soldier and refused to fight or to be protected in the village. Athos then got slapped by her after he informed her that Milady was still alive and was currently the king’s mistress, which meant that they could not touch her at all. After she had left, Athos told D’Artagnan that he should have left while he could have still left, but D’Artagnan told him that if he had done that, that he would never be able to forgive himself.

Meanwhile, while Edmond, his father and their men drank to war and to Edmond enjoying Jeanne, Aramis and Porthos managed to rescue Jeanne. Which infuriated Edmond and Renard. However, this guaranteed that Renard and his men would really come after them.

Back at the inn, Athos gave the villagers a choice — to surrender to Renard and to have him as their lord protector; or to fight to claim the land for themselves, as he was planning to give the land back to all of its people. Treville then told them that if they chose to fight, the musketeers would help them. If they did choose to fight, they would meet them at the inn the next day at sun up.

The next day, just as they were going to leave, all of the villagers showed up. Then they taught them how to use a sword and how to shoot, and they pooled all their resources together to create a barricade to fortify Pinon. They made it so that they would be forced to enter through the part of the road that left them more exposed and where they would have the advantage.

Athos was then pleasantly surprised as Catherine had showed up, bringing with her a bag of the last few treasures that she had owned. Right before Aramis and D’Artagnan took their positions, Aramis revealed to D’Artagnan that he had realized that he was there, fighting this fight, because that was what he was born to do — to fight. While waiting to deliver the first shots, Aramis revealed to Catherine that she would find herself desirable for marriage after he signed over the land to her. This made her happy and gave her more reason to fight Renard. They then managed to kill two soldiers and showed that they were putting up a fight.

That night, Athos, who had chanced upon Catherine while she was putting on her mother’s pearl necklace, told her that she was beautiful. She then revealed to him that she had planned to wear it again once she was restored in her position. However, Athos, in his silence to her question as to whether he would choose her over Milady, revealed that he would have chosen Milady of Catherine. Before he left to tend to the wounded, she thanked him for everything and reassured him that she would take care of her people. However, Athos told her that he had done nothing for her and wondered what she was talking about. Afterwards, she snapped at Jeanne, who had called Athos down. At that moment it was revealed that Catherine really felt contempt towards the peasant folk.

The next day, Athos revealed to the baron that he had given the land of Pinon back to its people, including Catherine. However, Catherine, who had thought that Athos was giving her all of Pinon, went to her room at the inn, and in a fit of anger, broke her mother’s pearl necklace.

Meanwhile, outside, the villagers and musketeers fought bravely and caused the soldiers to retreat. Edmond tried to fight Athos, who easily defeated him again and again. However, after Edmond had been defeated, Catherine threatened to shoot Athos as she claimed that he had tricked her, and asked him to give her Edmond so that she could be restored to power. However, Edmond accidentally got shot after Athos overpowered him as he tried to stab him, leaving the baron to cradle his dying son in his arms.

Afterwards, Catherine left and took Thomas’ guns so that she could go to Paris and kill Milady. Athos gave the power and authority of the Comte de la Fere to Bertrand, who was now the Mayor of Pinon. As they got ready to leave, D’Artagnan then made Athos realize that he had returned because of his people.

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