The Musketeers Recap: Trial and Punishment

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
The Musketeers Recap: Trial and Punishment

The Musketeers” Season 2 Episode 10 “Trial and Punishment” aired last Friday, March 27, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on BBC One. In this episode, D’artagnan (Luke Pasqualino), Porthos (Howard Charles), Athos (Tom Burke), Treville (Hugo Speer), and Milady de Winter (Maimie McCoy) raced against time to save Constance Bonacieux (Tamla Kari), Queen Anne (Alexandra Dowling) and Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) from death; and to save King Louis (Ryan Gage) from the Comte de Rochefort’s (Marc Warren) lies. In the end, several surprising announcements and decisions are made that will change the course of history forever. Read on to learn more about this episode.

D’Artargnan (Luke Pasqualino), Porthos (Howard Charles), Athos (Tom Burke) and  Treville (Hugo Speer) rescued Constance Bonacieux (Tamla Kari) from being executed at the hands of the Comte de Rochefort (Marc Warren).

They then decided that Milady de Winter (Maimie McCoy) would have to be the one who would help Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) escape. She was the only one who could go in and out of the palace now. The rest rode up to help Porthos (Howard Charles) secure the Spanish spymaster, Vargas (Peter Sullivan). He was the only one who would be able to convince King Louis (Ryan Gage) of Rochefort’s treachery.

Inside the palace, Queen Anne (Alexandra Dowling), managed to escape from her room. She tried to convince her husband that she would never ask her brother, King Philip of Spain, to hurt him. However, she was taken away, and when Louis began to consider hearing her out, Rochefort informed him that the queen had been intimate with Aramis.

Before his trial, Rochefort told Aramis to tell the truth so that the queen and his son would be spared, and at least would live in exile. Under oath, Aramis told the court that he denied all the charges against him, and informed them that Rochefort was a Spanish spy. Lady Marguerite (Charlotte Salt) then came in and testified against Aramis, who was then led out to await execution. Rochefort then tried to press Louis into making a decision about the queen and her son. He told him to leave him be for the time being. Rochefort then saw that Marguerite had poisoned herself, and tore up her letter, in which she confessed her role in the treachery of Rochefort.

Meanwhile, Porthos fought off Vargas’ men. Just as he was cornered by one of Vargas’ men, the others, with Constance, came, and informed Vargas that his spy had become a monster that he had to destroy. It was especially as it meant that the King of Spain’s own sister would be killed by Rochefort.

At the palace, Rochefort told the queen that she would now know the agony of love that he felt for her, as he was going to have Aramis tortured at the wheel.

Inside the dungeon, Aramis vowed that if he, his son, and the queen were spared, that he would become a priest. At that moment, Milady came and brought him to where the others were staying. Inside, Milady told Athos that she wanted to start anew. She told him that the day after tomorrow, that she would be waiting for him at the crossroads in a carriage until sundown. If he came, they would go to England together, but if not, he would never see her again.

At the palace, Rochefort convinced Louis to sign the queen’s death warrant, and had his guards clear out the palace, while Anne prayed. The group then split up so that Vargas could tell the king everything.

Aramis  and Constance saved Anne before she was choked to death. Aramis fought with Rochefort, and stabbed him at the back. As he stumbled out, he was told by Vargas that it was over, and he tried to fight them all. In the end, D’artagnan killed him, and Anne made sure that Aramis didn’t bless him after he died.

Afterwards, King Louis accepted the Dauphin as his own, and Treville took his place beside the king as his Minister of War, as Louis claimed that by sending Rochefort, Spain had gone too far. Aramis then told them that he was going to honor is promise to God and would become a priest.

Constance and D’artagnan got married. Athos was about to leave for Milady when Treville told him that they were at war, and that he was the new captain. After he settled down his men, he went to the crossroads, but he was too late, and the only thing that was there was one of her gloves.

Back at the garrison, they got permission from Treville to inform Aramis that they were at war, so that he could rejoin them, and were seen off by Constance and Treville.

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“The Musketeers” will return on BBC One and on BBC America for a third season in 2016.

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