The Musketeers Season Finale Recap: Musketeers Don’t Die Easily

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
The Musketeers Season Finale Recap: Musketeers Don’t Die Easily
Santiago Cabrera at the 2011 Comic Con in San Diego. July 23, 2011. Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

“The Musketeers” Season 1 Episode 10 “Musketeers Don’t Die Easily” aired on Sunday, Aug. 25, 2014 at 9:00 pm on BBC America. In the season finale, the Musketeers and D’Artagnan (Luke Pasquilano) face their greatest trial yet, one that could spell the end of their brotherhood with each other- Milady de Winter (Maimie McCoy). However, all is not what it seems, as they take on their greatest adventure to date. Read on to learn more about the episode.

The episode opened with a drunk Athos (Tom Burke) stumbling across the town square. He deliberately approached Milady de Winter (Maimie McCoy) and at gunpoint, told her that it was “time to pay for her crimes”. Porthos (Howard Charles) heard of this and rushed to tell Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) and D’Artagnan (Luke Pasquilano). They, and their captain, Treville (Hugo Speer) rushed out in order to save the woman that Athos was holding hostage.

As they tried to negotiate with the drunk Athos, it was revealed that Milady was not just Cardinal Richelieu’s (Peter Capaldi) spy, she was also Athos’ wife. As Athos would not calm down, Milday begged D’Artagnan to save her, revealing that they did know each other before, and were lovers. D’Artagnan was threatened by Athos that if he did save Milady, he would not be worthy of being a Musketeer. As the other Musketeers tried to pull D’Artagnan away from Athos, he found an opening and rushed to save her, getting shot in the ribs in the process.

Meanwhile, at the king’s court, Charlotte Mellendorf (Charlotte Hope) begged King Louis XIII (Ryan Gage) for mercy as she claimed that her father, who was being held prisoner, did not conspire to kill Queen Anne (Alexandra Dowling). Cardinal Richelieu (Peter Capaldi), who was the culprit behind the failed assassination attempt, insisted that the King mete out justice. However, due to Captain Treville’s insistence that some evidence seemed to place doubts of Count Mellendorf’s (Roger Ringrose) involvement, the king said that he would think about it.

The Cardinal, furious that his plan was not successful, blamed Milady for her carelessness. She had hired a mercenary to assassinate the queen, but she had been careless about everything. He then warned her that he wanted the Musketeers and D’Artagnan silenced for good, and that would be her last chance.

D’Artagnan had been taken in by Milady after he was shot. She then told him that Athos, Aramis, Porthos and the captain left him to bleed on the streets and that he would never have a future now with the Musketeers. She revealed to him that the Cardinal was her patron and protector and that she would try to have him protected by the Cardinal as well. D’Artagnan was reluctant, as he said that he hated the Cardinal, and asked about her history with Athos.

She told him that she was a pickpocket and a thief, and had lied about it to Athos to protect their love. However, Athos’ brother wanted her, and tried to force himself upon her. As a result of that, she killed Athos’ brother. When Athos learned about her past and what had happened to her brother, he had tried to kill her by hanging her, however, it did not succeed, leaving behind several scars on her neck. Milady then reminded D’Artagnan that he would kill the person who did that to her. He was reluctant to kill Athos at first, but consented after Captain Treville entered the room and told D’Artagnan that he could no longer be a Musketeer.

At the barracks, Constance Bonacieux (Tamla Karin), a married woman who had helped D’Artagnan before and who had fallen in love with him, inquired if D’Artagnan was alright. Based on her level of concern and worry, both Porthos and Aramis deduced that she still loved D’Artagnan.

D’Artagnan entered the barracks, and it looked like another fight would have ensued if Treville had not told them to settle things inside, in private. Once inside, the four Musketeers, after a moment of tension, relaxed and hugged each other. It turned out that the entire thing was a set up in order to get Milady to believe that The Musketeers had abandoned him. Once Milady believed that, then D’Artagnan could try to get into contact with the Cardinal himself. The entire set up was in order to find definite proof that Milady and the Cardinal were the ones behind the attempted assassination of the queen.

Upstairs, Athos apologized for not shooting D’Artagnan’s arm as agreed. D’Artagnan reported that everything was going smoothly, except for one small detail- he had to kill Athos. Elsewhere, Milady met up with Sarazin (Sean Pertwee), a lowlife crook who once taught her how to be a courtesan. She conspired with him in order to have some ‘insurance’ just in case everything did not go according to plan.

At noon, that day, D’Artagnan and Athos fought with each other, with D’Artagnan emerging as the victor, apparently shooting Athos in the chest. While Athos was lying on the ground, Porthos had poured blood from a pig’s liver on Athos’ clothes to ‘show’ other that Athos was shot. However, Milady signalled Celine (Holly Earl), the new protege of  Sarazin, who asked Constance to follow her as she was needed by D’Artagnan. Constance followed the girl into an abandoned cellar, where she was locked in by Celine and Sarazin. This was Milday’s insurance, as she knew that D’Artagnan did like Constance.

At the inn, D’Artagnan asked Milady’s help for the Cardinal’s protection against Aramis and Porthos. In the audience with the Cardinal, the Cardinal stated that D’Artagnan was now useless to him, and ordered him to be taken away by his guards. However, before they could capture him, he was able to grab Milady, and put a knife against her throat. He told the Cardinal that he was needed as Treville had a letter which implicated the Cardinal in the attempted assassination. He then suggested that he be exchanged to Aramis and Porthos for the letter. To this, the Cardinal agreed.

Meanwhile, Aramis and Porthos attended the ‘funeral’ of Athos, in an attempt to keep up the ruse of Ahos’ death, just in case Milady was watching. In the cellar, Constance waited until Celine had passed out from drinking too much. She broke the wine bottle into pieces and used a shard of glass to cut the ropes on her legs. She attempted to lift the key to the cellar door from Celine’s neck, but Celine woke up. After a brief struggle, she was able to open the door, only to be greeted by Milady and Sarazin, who knocked her out and tied her up again.

Aramis and Porthos visited Athos, who was in hiding. While they were talking, Constance’s husband came barging in, demanding to know where Constance was as she had been missing the entire night and day. However, they were interrupted when one of the Cardinal’s guards told them that D’Artagnan was with the Cardinal, and in exchange for him, he wanted the letter that Treville had.

There, the Musketeers confronted the Cardinal about the letter, tricking him into receiving a blank paper. However, during the confrontation, he had confessed that he did try to have the queen killed as she was barren and that he did it for the sake of France. The queen had heard the entire thing, but decided to be merciful towards him, allowing him to still stay in his position in court. However, the Musketeers demanded that Milady be given to them so that she could be held accountable for her crimes.

Milady took the bait and appeared in the forest, expecting the Cardinal. There, they confronted her and revealed that the entire thing had been a setup. As Athos was about to shoot her, she revealed that she had Constance, and told them to meet her at a designated spot.

There, the Musketeers, prepared for an ambush, were successful in defeating Sarazin and his men. However, Milady had gotten away, taking Constance with her at gunpoint. However, Constance was able to knock Milady’s gun out of the way, giving her enough time to escape into D’Artagnan’s arms. Athos chose to spare Milady’s life, and told her to never set foot in Paris again.

Constance and D’Artagnan revealed that they did love each other and shared a tender kiss. However, her servant informed her that her husband had tried to kill himself because he had thought that she had abandoned him. Because of this, she told D’Artagnan that despite everything, she had chosen to stay with her husband.

In the court, the Cardinal was summoned to the king. It turned out that the queen was pregnant and due to this, the king granted the queen’s request- to pardon the Mellendorfs.

Queen Anne confronted Aramis during a private audience, telling him that she knew that the baby was a boy and that she hoped that he would be strong and courageous, like his father. Aramis replied that he would forever watch over her and the boy, just like any loyal servant would do. The Cardinal, who was going to offer his congratulations to the queen, saw the entire exchange.

Outside, Athos covered for Aramis, telling the others that Aramis was saying goodbye to Charlotte Mellendorf, whom he had fallen in love with. The Musketeers then realized that in the end, they did not have love, or money, but they would always have their honor, and each other.

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