Must-See Documentary Shorts in South by Southwest 2016 to Run from March 11 to 19

By Ghosh Piyali | 3 years ago
Must-See Documentary Shorts in South by Southwest 2016 to Run from March 11 to 19
South by Southwest 2016

The South by Southwest 2016 has announced the selected short documentaries from different countries. Below mentions some famous documentaries that are favorite to short film and documentary lovers.

Alive & Kicking: The Soccer Grannies of South Africa

“Alive & Kicking: The Soccer Grannies of South Africa” is a 19-minute documentary short directed by Lara-Ann de Wet. It is a story of village grannies who struggle in South Africa through the game of soccer.

Another Kind of Girl

Khaldiya Jibawi directed this 10-minute film, which depicts a girl and her life in a refugee camp, where it is hard to stay independent.

Bacon & God’s Wrath

“Bacon & God’s Wrath” is an eight-minute movie by director Sol Friedman. A must-see Canadian film, this portrayed a 90-year-old Jewish woman who reflects on her experience in life and wants to prepare bacon for the first time. The movie is nominated for the Canadian Screen Award for Best Short Documentary.

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Miss Me: The Artful Vandal

This film gives us the unparalleled view of the renowned Montreal street artist Miss Me’s life. Mohammad Gorjestani directed the documentary (source: Charlene Sayo).

Phil’s Camino

Directed by Annie O’Neil and Jessica Lewis, the film is the story of Phil, who dreamt of walking a 500-mile ancient pilgrimage route across Spain. His dream is not fulfilled due to weekly chemo treatment for stage 4 cancer, but it doesn’t stop him from walking. He builds a Camino behind his house, and along the way he learns that his true pilgrimage is the one he travels within.


Short documentaries like “Love Bite: Laurie Lipton and Her Disturbing Black & White Drawings” by James Scott, “The Provider” directed by Leah Galant and Maya Cueva, “These C*cksucking Tears” by director Dan Taberski, “Like” by Garrett Bradley, “Dollhouse” by director Terri Timely, and “The Black Belt” directed by Margaret Brown,are also included in the lineup.

To watch the documentary shorts in South by Southwest film festival, visit the SXSW schedule site.

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