‘Mutant’ Bryce Dallas Howard Hates The Sun But Has Amazing Vacation In Hawaii

By Sumeet Kaur | 3 years ago
‘Mutant’ Bryce Dallas Howard Hates The Sun But Has Amazing Vacation In Hawaii
Bryce Dallas Howard

Bryce Dallas Howard has all the good things to say about Hawaii, except that she hates its sun. She reveals that her pale skin is not suited for places like Hawaii. The actress lately flocked to Oahu to promote a summer blockbuster, to be released on October 20. In the interview she called herself “red head” and “incredibly pale”.

The 34-year-old American actress was in a jovial mood while narrating her saga. While talking, her terrain of thoughts went back to her childhood days and she told about how she got burns on her shoulders. She said, “I still have, like, crazy freckles from it!” She told Paper that her parents Ron Howard and Cheryl Howard had taught her about protecting her skin since childhood.

The ivory-skinned actress said that she had to struggle a lot during the shoot of Jurassic World and at her recent visit to Pearl Harbor. She disclosed that she never exposed herself to tropical sunshine. She resorted to variety of sun-blocks and would tread under the trees, shaders, building etc. only.

Between the discourse, the “Jurassic World” star also complained that her husband, Salem,went surfing yesterday and the backs of his legs are so red.”

She was happy to say that she had a great time when the sun sank in the evening. Her two kids, Theo, 8, and Beatrice, 3 wallowed in various activities. She said that she and her husband also had a date night and they danced on the stage with a dance troupe too.

Bryce Dallas Howard told People Magazine that before this, she had never got the opportunity to explore the beautiful island. She had never seen Hawaii outside the Jurassic shoot. She also made known that when she was a child, she came here along with her father Ron Howard who is an actor/director and his crew.

In the end, she was delighted to sum up that Hawaii is beautiful. She loved its beaches and weather. She said, “It’s unpredictable in some ways too because it can be sunny one minute and raining the next. But it just feels good: like, the rain feels comforting, even.” She also appreciated its laid back culture and told that after reaching here she felt rejuvenated.

Photo Source: Twitter/Bryce Dallas Howard

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