This Mutant’s Rumored Role Revealed In X-Men: Dark Phoenix

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
This Mutant’s Rumored Role Revealed In X-Men: Dark Phoenix
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XCU is expanding by making another X-Men movie. After Deadpool and Logan became two of the most successful projects of XCU, the studio now is extending Charles Xavier and the troops’ journey in this universe.

After X-Men: Apocalypse ended, many thought it would be some time before the X-Men would show up again on-screen. But with a sequel already underway, the team has been confirmed to return. A new update has also revealed the role of one of the returning characters that also happens to be a vital one in XCU.

Magneto’s role in X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Screen Rant reported that details on Michael Fassbender’s character Magneto have surfaced online. The studio has not confirmed these details yet but it is revealed that Fassbender’s Magneto will be going down a dark path again.

He went down this path in the previous movie when he became a follower of the supervillain Apocalypse. But it seems the makers are bringing a slight change this time around. Magneto will not be following another supervillain but he himself will garner followers.

It is being hinted that after helping defeat Apocalypse, Magneto will become somewhat of a religious figure and will have an army of followers who will see him as some kind of Messiah. His followers are being called Acolytes, who are known as a mutant faction from the comic books.

The same Acolytes will follow him and have great faith in him. There is also chatter that the fictional island of Genosha will be introduced in the movie, an island safe for mutants. 

Magneto’s involvement

Magneto has been a conflicted character in the XCU. Both the versions played by Sir Ian McKellan and Fassbender have exhibited attributes of a villain as well as a genuine hero. The character is so complex that some fans have even questioned his desires.

At one point, it seems that he wants to save all mutants by killing humans who he thinks are dangerous. In another instance, it seems he wants to save the world by protecting humanity from one of his own kind. His involvement in the upcoming movie will perhaps draw the line in defining where he really stands.

Equation with Charles Xavier

Magneto’s equation with Xavier has also been quite unique. He chose his own path when his ideology did not match Xavier’s. He fought Xavier because he believes his approach is wrong. But when Xavier was in trouble, it was Magneto who came to save him.

Since the two parted on really good terms in the previous movie, it would be seen where this will take their friendship. Magneto going down a dark path again will also determine how his equation will be with his former best friend Xavier.

Future in XCU

With X-Men: Dark Phoenix beginning to film, it will be seen where does Magneto go after this movie. No further sequels have been announced yet but the movie could indicate his role in the future.

If he will be seen as a cult leader, he will perhaps continue expanding his followers and recruit more mutants to his cause. He could also help Xavier again take down Dark Phoenix, which is actually a much darker version of Jean Grey.

Plot and release date

No official plot has been released for the movie yet but reports have clarified what the movie is based on. It is based on the comic book titled The Dark Phoenix Saga, which saw the corruption of Grey and her ascend to ultimate power.

After being exposed to a deadly solar radiation, all her powers were unlocked and she took on the identity of Phoenix. Ultimately the main villain convinced her to be on his side and she became the destructive Dark Phoenix.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix will release next year on 2 November.


Photo source: Facebook/X-Men Movies

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