The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Recap: The Mystery of the Biker Bar

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Recap: The Mystery of the Biker Bar
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The new episode of “The Mysteries of Laura,” Episode 3 “The Mystery of the Biker Bar,” aired on Oct. 1, 2014 on NBC.  Laura tried to tackle another case and another problem with her children. Read on for the full recap.

This episode kicked off with an old man out fishing. When he finally caught a fish, a bullet suddenly went right through him. The scene changed with Laura waking up on full alert when she saw her opened window. She immediately grabbed her gun because she thought that someone broke into her house. She realized that  it was only her sons playing with the slingshots their dad gave them.

She received a call from Billy telling her about what happened at the pier, where they found Laura’s business card inside the fisherman’s pocket. Laura immediately rushed to the scene, and she was surprised that the victim’s name was St. Jerry, who owned the bar that she and Jake used to go to when they were still studying. Jake arrived as well, but Laura freaked out when she saw civilians taking photos with the dead body.

Laura and Jake went to Jerry’s bar to break the news of the owner’s death. They were greeted by the bartender and the bartender’s wife, Ruby. Ruby told them that there was a code-bomber every day, and the only person she thinks would kill Jerry would be Crazy Eddie who lived downstairs. When he stopped taking his medications, Jerry kicked him out.

They went to Crazy Eddie, and he freaked out when he saw Laura and Billy. They took him to custody, and Laura started questioning him by building a fort in the interrogation room to calm Crazy Eddie down because he hasn’t been taking any medication. Crazy Eddie told her that he loved Eddie and started talking about a person he calls the “Birdman” who’s coming to get him. They found out that the birdman is named Cyrus and lives across Jerry’s bar.

When they got to Cyrus, Cyrus told them that he has filed numerous complaints against Jerry, but he didn’t kill Jerry. Laura went back to the station with Cyrus’ journal in hand and started to leaf through it. She found out that a fight broke last week at Jerry’s bar. She got the 911 tape that night and heard a woman shouting at Jerry that she will kill him. Turned out that was Faith, an ex-waitress at Jerry’s bar that Jerry fired because she kept stealing stuff at the bar.

Laura and Billy headed to see Faith, and they noticed that Faith was covered in wounds. When a guy saw them talking to Faith, he started to run away. However, Billy caught up with him until he got hit by a bus. They visited the guy at the hospital and said that he doesn’t have anything to do with Jerry’s death simply because he was busy stealing a car the time Jerry got murdered.

Laura’s babysitter quit because she just can’t stand the fact that Laura kept sending someone over to check up on them. Laura was left with no choice but to go to Jerry’s funeral with her two boys. At the wake, Crazy Eddie was there wearing a suit that Jerry gave him and was all normal. Laura found a piece of paper in the suit with the name of a loan shark named Flaco. Billy was the one who saw Flaco and asked about Jerry. Now things began to unravel by itself. When he said that Jerry did take out a loan with interest and has been paying well because someone bought half of his bar. It turned out that Lloyd Cramer was the one who purchased half of the bar and was pursuing Jerry to sell the other half because he plans to build on his land. They thought it was Lloyd who killed Jerry until Lloyd told them that he tried to pursue Ruby and Jerry to sell.

That was their main lead because it was actually Ruby who killed Jerry, and she admitted to the crime. She said that she deserved something but felt bad that she had to shoot Jerry.

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