The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Recap: The Mystery of the Deemed Dealer

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Recap: The Mystery of the Deemed Dealer
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In “The Mysteries of Laura” Season 1, Episode 13 “The Mystery of the Deemed Dealer” Laura and Jake got into an intense make out session when they were trying to solve an elite school case. Read below for the full recap.

The episode kicked off with a teenager who ran over a car and died. His name is Miguel and he had $1500 and a bag of weed in his bag when they found him. They also found out that he was in the area where there’s gang activity. So, Laura and Jake assumed that he’s a drug dealer.

They wanted answers and when they got hold of a gang member, they were surprised that the guy told them that Miguel was a good kid. When they tried to ask almost everyone there, all of them said that Miguel didn’t do drugs and was really a good student and a star hockey player.

They found out that Miguel got offered a full scholarship at a prep school due to his excellence in hockey.But, his father didn’t allow him to go. Instead, he went behind his father’s back and switched schools without his father knowing. Laura and Jake decided to ask the elite school. It was regarding Miguel and its students who have been dealing with drugs but the school didn’t want to give them information. Laura decided to go undercover and pretend to be a parent who’s interested to enroll her child in that school.

They found out that the only problem that Miguel had in school was he harassed a girl by constantly texting her and the school board suspended him for a week. Jake and Laura later on found out that Miguel was accused of sexual harassment. Something doesn’t fit, though so Laura and Jake kept on digging through. They were almost about to break into the school’s files when they got nearly caught. What they did was to pretend that they were drunk and made out.

Jake was more than pleased with what happened. He even went to Laura’s place later that day to continue where they left off. However, Laura sent him home telling him that she’s actually trying to move on and what they did was purely business.

In the end, they found out that Miguel didn’t send those text messages.It was instead someone in his hockey team framed him to get his spot on the game and to also advance his chances to be noticed by the people who watch the game to recruit for college. A guy named Spencer was brought into questioning and he said that he stopped the text messages when Miguel came back to school. That’s when they found out that it was actually Spencer’s girlfriend who did all that. It wasbecause Miguel got a spot in Princeton so is she but her boyfriend was wait-listed and she wants to be with him. Then, he framed Miguel by putting in his bag that huge amount of money, as well as the bag of weed. She got arrested after that.

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