The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Recap: The Mystery of the Dodgy Draft

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Recap: The Mystery of the Dodgy Draft
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The Mysteries of Laura” Season 1 is back and in Episode 19 “The Mystery of the Dodgy Draft” Laura dealt with her own personal crisis and got herself caught in the middle of NCAA basketball. Read below for the full recap:

The episode kicked off when a woman’s dead body was found in the Botanical Gardens. It might be considered an accident if not for the tasers on the the victim’s back. Laura’s team unraveled information that the woman is Ms. Forster, who was a teacher’s assistant and before she died, she was in charge of second-graders. However, a new information popped out when they were told that Forster was quickly moved from her last class that she was in charge of.

Forster was originally assigned to oversee eighth grades but then a rumor started spreading around that she and another teacher’s assistant were sleeping around and that’s when she quickly moved to a younger level. Laura discovered that someone plotted the whole thing.

Marco, Forster’s ex-girlfriend was next in line to be interviewed and he almost ran for it but Laura caught up with him. He claimed he’s innocent and Laura felt in her gut that Marco has nothing to do with Forster’s death although he said that he was supposed to meet her at the Botanical Gardens as the two of them remained friends even after they broke up.

The results from the taser came out and they found out that it belongs to a basketball player from another team, who was about to play against Marco’s team in the upcoming championship. They found out that the taser was confiscated by the coach and hasn’t returned the taser ever since. And the reason was Maroc’s new girlfriend’s mother took it from him.

Sarah convinced Marco to switch teams as instructed by her mother, Dawn. Dawn stole the stun gun when she found out that Marco was going to meet his ex-girlfriend and there’s nothing more in the world that she wants than having her daughter, Marco’s new girlfriend a trophy wife because she never got the chance to be one. She persuaded her daughter to not take her science scholarship, get a boob job and become a cheerleader.

Everything was happening her way until she learned about Marco’s plan. So she took matters into her own hands and killed Forster. Later on, Sarah ratted her out and finally she was able to get out of her mother’s claws.

Meanwhile, Laura is not pregnant! Whew!

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