The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Recap: The Mystery of the Popped Pugilist

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Recap: The Mystery of the Popped Pugilist
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In the latest episode of “The Mysteries of Laura” Season 1, Episode 14 “The Mystery of the Popped Pugilist” tackled a murder case involving a “drag queen.” Read below for the full recap.

Michael Moretti or most commonly known as “Mickey” by people close to him was shot. At the crime scene, they found a bra, an orange lipstick and a lot of Cher and Lady Gaga CDs. At first, the investigators thought that these items were only the victim’s idea of fun and had a blast the night prior to his murder. However, Laura wasn’t convinced that it was just like that so he investigated further and found band-aids and spanx.

It was then revealed that Mickey was a drag queen. The stuff found on him the night he was murdered were all for his impersonation of Cher. He has always been a cross-dresser when he was a kid and was often misunderstood. He performs at a bar with his best friend who, on the other hand, impersonates Lady Gaga. Prodding on, they found out that Mickey wasn’t gay, but straight.

With the information that he was straight and no evidence that he was killed because he’s a drag queen, they investigated further and found out that he was part of an underground fight club. They went undercover while Laura went out for a drinks with her ladies. Billy and Meredith went undercover to talk to Donna McKinney, Mickey’s manager. She didn’t have anything but only told them that Mickey’s friend Eric came by just recently asking money from her because he thinks he’s still Mickey’s manager. Eric even mentioned that he could have the same fate as Mickey if she didn’t give him the money.

They thought Eric was the killer, but something’s not adding up. They watched a video of the fight club again and watched a fixed fight. Mickey lost his temper and won instead. Eric got into trouble and Mickey was trying to help him out, which is why he did that. In the end, Eric and a guy told them who killed Mickey.

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