The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Recap: The Mystery of the Terminal Tenant

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Recap: The Mystery of the Terminal Tenant
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In the latest episode of “The Mysteries of Laura” Season 1, Episode 5 “The Mystery of the Terminal Tenant,” we saw an identity thief. Read on for the full recap.

The episode kicked off with an old woman finding her tub full of blood and bones — a sight like this made her faint. Meanwhile, Laura was preparing her boys for a visit to their father before she heads to the crime scene.

When she got to the crime scene, she unraveled details — the owner of the apartment and the body has been soaked in chemicals, which meant that it will take some time before they could identify it. Billy was talking to the victim’s neighbor, Mrs. Greenburg, who told him that Mark (apartment owner) liked to keep to himself until he met someone named Corinne and started going out. There were also multiple DNA samples on the victim’s bed.

They gathered some evidence and found a knife with a fingerprint that seemed to belong to a person named Carlo Carelli. So Laura and Billy headed to Carlo’s place. When they got there, Carlo was having a party full of people dancing. Upon talking to Carlo, he insisted that he doesn’t even know Mark. He also told them that he runs a party business named Very Chubby Affair. Billy and Laura found out that Carlo rented the apartment several times, and the last person to rent the apartment was a pornstar named Mark Roberts.

They visited Mark’s apartment, and they found an evidence for Cody Roberts. While doing this, Mark Harris and Corrinne walked in on them, which meant that the victim wasn’t Mark Harris. He told them that they gave the keys to Cody before they left for the Hamptons. Cody’s clothes were still in the dresser, and they found a card there that Cody was supposed to meet up with someone the next day at a “Mommy & Me” event.

The next day, they headed there and saw a woman pacing back and forth, waiting for someone. They talked to her, and she said that she’s waiting for Cody for her meth. It turned out that Cody was working for a drug dealer, but she’s never seen Cody. Instead, someone else who works at a rollerblade hut on the beach. They sent an undercover cop to the rollerblade hut, but someone already tipped off the dealer. It became some kind of a wild goose chase when Jake ran after him. He was able to catch up with the drug dealer, and the drug dealer was even relieved to find out that he’s a cop because he’s afraid that he might be one of Jimmy’s men who’s out to get him. They found out that Jimmy was the one who killed Cody because he wanted out of the business. The partner also revealed that he picks up meth from a bodega downtown.

Jake and Laura went to the bodega. When they got there, they found two men with two liquid meth. Laura came up to them and told them that she needs to confiscate that. Surprisingly, the guy punched Laura in the face and chaos ensued. Those two guys were cops too who’s after Jimmy. Later on, they found out that Jimmy was actually a woman, and the Mark Harris that they met was actually Cody. Cody killed Mark Harris and stole his identity, while Corrine was actually a dentist who switched Cody and Mark’s dental records intentionally to cover up for her boyfriend. They were able to arrest Jimmy as well. All along, Cody wanted out of the business, so he killed Mark Harris to steal his identity.

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