A Mysterious New Alien To Be Seen In ‘Star Trek Beyond’

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
A Mysterious New Alien To Be Seen In ‘Star Trek Beyond’

The crew and cast of the new movie “Star Trek Beyond” are up for a good cause. They are letting all the secrets of making a movie pass by with the intention to create awareness and ultimately raise funds for various causes and charities. The highly confidential movie is using a completely different marketing strategy this time it seems. It has given out small videos to serve as tease bits.

According to cinemablend.com, in the latest offering, at the 1:55 mark, all sorts of flubbed lines and bloopers have been showcased by Simon Pegg that are being taken from the earlier version of the Omaze clips. The bust of some alien creature is being carried into the frame by a guy, and as he became conscious that he is in the frame, he pauses for a little while and then retreats.

The alien creature is not an unknown face, but, however, hard all have tried; they are not able to recall the specific name given to that creature. There are other hints that make one remind of the Talaxians, which is something similar to Neelix that starred in “Star Trek: Voyager.” It is particularly evident from the cheekbones and the head ridges that are seen at the edges. But there is something different about the ears. Moreover, this creature is bald while the other had hair and the colouring was different too.

According to blastr.com, it is quite likely that the updated franchise have come up with a different race for the new movie. Some time back something of that sort happened with the Nibirians that featured in the “Star Trek Into Darkness” wherein a leaked video showed a new creature popped up. It is also likely that this can be a change of face of the people that are already in there.

We are aware of the fact that Idris Elba, came out often in the clip, and there are speculations that the role of villain will be played by him. Meanwhile, Simon Pegg, who has written the storyline for the latest movie along with Doug Jung, has declared that the role of Klingon is not played by Elba.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Star Trek Beyond

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