Mystery Girl Caught Kissing Louis Tomlinson Finally Identified

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Mystery Girl Caught Kissing Louis Tomlinson Finally Identified
Wetten, dass.. ? 214. show in Graz, 8. Nov. 2014 Louis William Tomlinson at 214. Wetten, dass.. ? show in Graz, 8. Nov. 2014

In light of Zayn Malik’s leaving One Direction, apparently because of cheating rumors and invasion of privacy, another member also found himself in some girl trouble as he was spotted kissing someone who was not his girlfriend. Finally, get to know her now!

Last Saturday, March 14, around the time that Zayn Malik was accused of cheating on his fiancée Perrie Edwards in Thailand, Louis Tomlinson was also in hot water for being spotted kissing a girl, despite being in a serious relationship with his girlfriend. Shortly after the news broke out, however, Tomlinson took this as a chance to formally announce via a representative that he and his four-year girlfriend Eleanor Calder have already broken up and desire privacy.

Now, two new questions have come up: who is this new girl Tomlinson was spotted kissing? And are they dating now?

A report from The Sun, as cited by MailOnline, revealed that the mystery girl’s name is Lucy Julian. She is the daughter of Alexander Julian, an American menswear designer from Connecticut. She is currently studying at King Mongkut’s University of Technology in Bangkok with her fellow Environmental Studies program students of the University of North Carolina.

According to The Sun’s previous report regarding Julian and Tomlinson, the two were attending a late-night party in the Sukhothai hotel. They were later spotted ‘snogging passionately’ for a reported 15 minutes. Regarding this, Julian’s best friend Kyja Kutnick revealed in an interview that Julian was not embarrassed of being with Tomlinson, although she had to give up her phone to his security for a while. Kutnick then opted not give any further details.

Initially, fans thought that the mystery girl was a girl who was among a group posing with the One Direction members in the music video of their hit debut single ‘What Makes You Beautiful’. However, a representative for Tomlinson denied the allegations, saying “It is categorically not her.”

As of now, neither Tomlinson nor Julian have confirmed anything regarding the kissing and if they’re dating. Though, that apparently didn’t stop fans to plague on Julian’s social media accounts to demand an answer.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Kurt Kulac

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