Mystery Girls Recap: Bag Ladies

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Mystery Girls Recap: Bag Ladies
Jennie Garth at the 2009 Primetime Emmy Awards. August 31, 2009. Wikimedia Commons/Albert Domasin

“Mystery Girls” Season 1 Episode 8 “Bag Ladies” aired on Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014, at 8:30 p.m. on ABC Family. In this episode, Charlie Contour (Jennie Garth) and Holly Hamilton (Tori Spelling) went undercover at a fashion show after fashion designer Emilio San Juan’s (guest star Ru Paul) latest handbag goes missing. Their assistant, Nick Diaz (Miguel Pinzon), got a taste of the modelling world, as he was discovered by Emilio San Juan as a last minute addition to his fashion show, where the handbag would be featured as its centerpiece. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Nick Diaz (Miguel Pinzon) arrived late at the Mystery Girls’ office, as he was discovered by fashion designer Emilio San Juan (Ru Paul), while he was waiting in line for the girls’ burritos. The fashion show was to be that night, and Emilio had invited the Mystery Girls to come along. Holly was thrilled and tried to fix Charlie’s hair and makeup, which she deemed not good enough to be on the set of a fashion show. Charlie, who wasn’t thrilled about the prospect, grabbed her functional black tote bag, which Holly thinks is a fashion disaster.

Nick arrived first at Emilio’s studio and met Emilio’s assistant, Seth. The girls arrived right after, and Nick wax embarrassed as the two were fighting over Charlie’s tote bag, which Holly wanted Charlie to let go of. While Nick went off to get fitted for the night’s show, Emilio greeted the girls, holding his pet rabbit. He then introduced them to Seth, who has been his assistant for fifteen years.

Afterwards, Emilio revealed the centerpiece to the night’s fashion show — a yellow and blue handbag made out of Moroccan ostrich skin and feathers. Holly said that she was in heaven because she was able to touch it with her fingertip. As if on cue, Nick appeared wearing blue and yellow angel wings. Charlie, who wasn’t as thrilled as the two, became excited when a delivery of two huge boxes of cupcakes came, as she hadn’t had anything to eat for lunch because Holly had insisted on skipping lunch and going straight to Emilio’s studio. However, Emilio knocked the cupcake out of her hand as the only “brown sugar” allowed in the studio was himself. Seth arrived just in time to carry the offending cupcakes away.

When Seth returned, he mentioned that some people in the studio were unhappy, so to cheer them up, Emilio decided to show everyone his one and only handbag again. However, the designer became distraught as the bag had gone missing. He then turned to the Mystery Girls and asked them to help him recover the bag, as the show couldn’t go on without it.

The girls found out that Emilio had only made one handbag and that there were no sketches or photographs of the bag, so that the design would not be leaked out, especially to rival designers. The girls were then escorted by Seth to the storage room, where they discovered that the bag was kept in a climate controlled booth before it went missing. While the girls discussed about possible suspects, Holly reveled in the clothes being kept in there.

The girls updated Emilio on the case, giving him their first suspect — the seamstress Carolita whom Emilio didn’t treat nicely during the big reveal. However, the girls had to go back to the drawing board, as Carolita turned out to be his mother.

Back at the storage room, Charlie, upon emptying the waste basket in her search, found several cupcakes inside it. This was strange, as the cupcakes had been thrown out earlier that afternoon. They then deduced that whoever took the handbag sent the cupcakes as a distraction. While the cupcakes were being thrown out, the culprit could slip the bag inside one of the boxes. After informing Seth of the new development, he tricked them into stepping into the climate controlled booth and locked them inside. It turned out that Seth stole the bag, as he was fed up with the way Emilio had been treating him. He planned to have the bag modeled at a rival fashion show, and in exchange, he would become the rival designer’s creative director. Thankfully, Holly got Nick to get them out of there.

They discovered that the rival designer’s fashion show would be in thirty minutes time, so the girls teamed up with Emilio, who gave them the appropriate disguises for a fashion show — edgy platinum blonde wigs and couture outfits. Nick, who came along with them, distracted Seth while the girls grabbed the bag from the model who was about to walk down the catwalk with it.

Back at Emilio’s fashion show, Emilio decided to pay the girls back by allowing Holly and Charlie to accompany Nick down the catwalk. Much to Holly’s embarrassment, Charlie brought along her big black tote.

Back at the office, Charlie and Holly read a review on Vogue about their guest appearance on the fashion show, which was said to be the “highlight” of the evening. Nick came bearing gifts from Emilio in two big mysterious boxes. Charlie was given the dress that she wore during the fashion show, while Holly was thrilled, as her card said that her gift was a handbag inspired by the Mystery Girls. However, she fainted as the box revealed a black tote bag, designed just like Charlie’s.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Albert Domasin

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