Mystery Girls Recap: Death Rose

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Mystery Girls Recap: Death Rose
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“Mystery Girls” Season 1 Episode 9 “Death Rose” aired on Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014, at 8:30 p.m. on ABC Family. In this episode, Holly (Tori Spelling) got a special visitor as convicted husband killer Rose Brack (Jane Denbo) swung by. As Holly could not get Rose a job due to her criminal past, she suggested that she work for them for a while. Desperate to get Rose out of her hair, Holly’s partner Charlie (Jennie Garth) decided to take matters into her own hands by trying to help clear Rose’s name. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Holly’s special visitor, convicted husband killer Rose Brack, dropped by the office as she had just been released from prison on a technicality. Rose and Holly became good friends and wrote to each other while Rose was in prison, as Holly had portrayed Rose in the television movie “Death Rose: The Brack Widow.” Before Rose arrived, Detective Duane Freeman (Ryan McPartlin) came by to ask Holly if she could have a picture autographed for his sick aunt, who is a big fan of the television series “Castle.” Holly, saying that she once “played a dead prostitute” on the show, agreed.

Rose arrived, and Holly introduced her to everyone, including the detective who warned her not to murder any husbands while he was around the girls. Rose, who had just gotten out of jail as they had just learned that the judge who sentenced her slept with the entire jury, just laughed. She went on to mention that she certainly did not go to a “poison college” to be able to do so and that she only pleaded guilty to avoid the electric chair. It was no surprise that the only person who believed her was Holly.

The next day, Holly and Rose returned to the office disappointed, as Rose’s job hunt was unsuccessful. Much to Charlie’s dismay, Holly decided that Rose could work for them for a while as their assistant’s assistant. Holly then told their assistant, Nick Diaz (Miguel Pinzon), to show Rose the kitchen, despite the warning that there are many knives there, making Nick very anxious. Charlie then decided to help Holly in clearing Rose’s name so that she could find a job. They asked Detective Freeman to show them the files from Rose’s case, to which he agreed to. While there, Holly discovered that he, at that moment, was bidding on a teapot, as he collects them.

While Nick took Rose out shopping for some business clothes, the girls combed through Rose’s file. Holly found a note that said about a guy named S. Anderson had called the police years ago, saying that he had an alibi for Rose. However, they did not listen to him.

The girls then headed out to a home for the elderly in order to track S. Anderson down. The receptionist of the place was very unwelcoming, as she was in the middle of a bidding war for a teapot that was ultimately snagged by a detective. There, Holly donned a wig and convinced S. Anderson, whose name was really Sanderson, that she was Rose. Convinced that she was Rose, Sanderson handed them a key to a storage facility.

They then headed to the storage facility to look for more clues. Holly was uneasy as she did not want to murder Rose’s privacy and reminded Charlie on how Rose hated her things to be touched. Charlie found a locked chest, which she easily opened after breaking the lock with a fire extinguisher. However, the girls were horrified as they found two skeletons inside.

Rose entered  the storage unit, joking that they had “murdered her privacy.” The girls confronted Rose about the skeletons inside the chest and discovered that she had realized that S.Anderson was Sanderson, her former lover. She had given him the key to give to the girls and said that she had put in fake skeletons inside for them. Nick then entered, saying that he was late as he had to park three blocks away.

Rose then pulled the Mystery Girls’ kitchen knife from behind her and instructed Nick to move over to where the girls are and to hand over the keys. She then revealed that instead of killing four husbands, she had actually killed six.  Then she left the trio behind, locking the storage unit as she left.

However, as she could not find the car, she re-entered the unit, demanding to know where the car was. She became enraged as Nick was wearing a colorful polo and a hat that belonged to her and demanded that he put it back as she does not like it when people touch her things. Taking advantage of the situation, the three provokef her by touching the other objects in the unit. Nick then taunted her with the hat he was wearing and tossed it to the opposite end of the room. As Rose went to retrieve the hat, the trio ran out of the unit, locking Rose inside.

The police came to take custody of Rose, and Detective Freeman particularly asked Holly if she was alright. As Rose was escorted out of the storage unit, Holly asked for one little favor — that Rose request Holly to play her again if there was another television movie about Rose Bracken, to which Rose agreed.

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