Mystery Girls Recap: The Killer Returns

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago

“Mystery Girls” Season 1 Episode 10 “The Killer Returns” aired on Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2014, at 8:30 p.m. on ABC Family.  Everything came full circle as the mob hitman Zanucci, whom Nick Diaz (Miguel Pinzon) witnessed murdering someone, was on the lose, killing witnesses left and right. As Nick dealt with the fact that he could be murdered at any moment, Charlie (Jennie Garth) had to decide whether she should continue on working with the Mystery Girls as her husband, Michael (Adam Mayfield), thought that it was too dangerous for her, especially because she has a family. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Mystery Girls Holly (Tori Spelling) and Charlie (Jennie Garth) had a commercial done to generate more clients. However, at the end of the commercial, Nick Diaz (Miguel Pinzon) squeezed into the frame, reasoning that a face like his should one day get discovered.

Detective Duane Freeman (Ryan McPartlin) stopped by, wearing a bright pink tie, to inform the girls and Nick that the mob hitman Zanucci, whom Nick witnessed murdering someone, was on the lose and had killed around three witnesses so far. They knew that it was Zanucci, as it fit his modus operandi of placing a rare after dinner mint on their eyes. This is a big problem as Zanucci knows how Nick looks and sounds like. Thanks to the commercial; he now knows where the Mystery Girls and Nick’s  office. Michael (Adam Mayfield), Charlie’s husband, who was installing a new bookshelf in their office, overheard this and suggested that Charlie should quit as she is a mother, and it seemed like their line of work was becoming too dangerous.

Nick, in the meantime, consoled himself by eating a lot of cream, and sweets, as every meal he ate might just be his last.

While Detective Freeman and Michael bonded over his tools, the girls decided to look for the killer themselves so that Nick would be safe. Nick had successfully cross referenced places where rare after dinner mints were supplied along Avaiation Ave., where the latest victim was found. This information led the girls to a massage parlor, where they tried to be a masseuse. They were able to find his wallet and correctly identified the client as Zanucci. They informed the police who managed to catch him.

As everything had been solved, Holly and Charlie decided to join Detective Freeman and Michael, who had gone out to get lemon bars, while Nick stayed behind and cleaned up all the wrappers and food he had eaten. He reasoned that he had to start working out to get rid of all the food he just consumed.

Meanwhile, Detective Freeman revealed to Michael that he did like Holly. Later, when the girls were there, Michael mentioned that Detective Freeman had invited them all out for a drink, which Holly agreed to. The men went back to the office, as Michael had to get his tool bag, and Detective Freeman thought that he had left his phone. However, when they got there, they found Nick tied up as the killer had escaped and gone to pay Nick a visit.

At the restaurant, Holly revealed to Charlie that she does like the detective. A phone rang, and Holly found that the detective’s phone was on their table. She then learned that the killer escaped and slipped through jail easily, as they had put too much oil on him when they were massaging him.

They went back to the office, and were surprised to find all the men tied up to chairs. Holly, who had insisted to Charlie that she knows Taekwondo, unleashed her skills on the unsuspecting Zanucci. Charlie finished it off by punching him in the face and knocking him out. Michael then realized that his wife was good at being a Mystery Girl and decided that it was not too dangerous for her. Meanwhile, Detective Freeman told Holly that she was pretty amazing as well, especially with her Taekwondo skills.

The next day, Holly revealed that Detective Freeman was going to take her to Zanucci’s arraignment hearing. Nick then asked Holly to thank Zanucci. Because without him witnessing the mob hit, then he would have never met the Mystery Girls.

Detective Freeman came to pick up Holly, and they shared a tender kiss as she fixed his tie. Ecstatic, Holly ran back into the office to tell them the good news and to high five Carlie with their “Mystery solved!” catchphrase. As Holly started to leave once again, the bookshelf that Michael had made fell down.

And that’s what happened in the season finale of “Mystery Girls” Season 1 Episode 10 “The Killer Returns.” For more news and updates, including recaps and spoilers, on “Mystery Girls” and other television shows, keep following Movie News Guide (MNG).

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