Mystery Girls Recap: Passing the Torch

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Mystery Girls Recap: Passing the Torch
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Mystery Girls Season 1 Episode 7 “Passing the Torch“ aired on Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2014, at 8:30 p.m. on ABC Family. This episode saw Holly Hamilton (Tori Spelling) and Charlie Contour (Jennie Garth) back in show business as they were offered cameo roles in the new “Mystery Girls” series. However, things started to look bad for the girls, who were not so thrilled about the new girls, as they are informed that the new girls have gone missing, and they were the prime suspects. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the Mystery Girls office, while Charlie tested out some equipment she bought on sale to spy on their neighbors, Nick (Miguel Pinzon) learned that there was a new “Mystery Girls” television series in the works. Holly, delighted by the news, was thrilled when they were offered a small cameo role. She then managed to talk a reluctant Charlie, who had vowed to leave Hollywood forever, to accept the offer.

Before the filming of the show, Charlie and Holly decided to drop by at the firing range in order to brush up on their gun skills. While there, Holly managed to get tutored by Detective Duane Freeman (Ryan McPartlin). Charlie managed to impress as she showed that she could handle not just one but two guns at the same time.

On the set, the girls are surprised to see Arthur Stanwick (Larry Miller), the creator of the original “Mystery Girls” television show, there. He explained to them that he was there only to do a favor to the studio, who also produced the original “Mystery Girls” show.

However, the girls’ excitement quickly turned into disappointment as they are dressed up as a pair of hobos, didn’t have copies of the script, and the new “Mystery Girls” are bored teenagers who have “Mystery Girls” phones from a gift basket and didn’t recognize who Charlie and Holly are. The only person who seemed to be happy was Nick, whom Holly managed to get a small cameo role as a merman who lives in the “Mystery Girls” mansion.

Finally, the director arrived and gave both sets of “Mystery Girls” their scripts. According to the scripts, Holly and Charlie, as the original “Mystery Girls,” were undercover at Skid Row and were able to obtain the launch codes, which they would hand over to the new girls. Much to Holly and Charlie’s protests, the rehearsal went on, in which Charlie and Holly realized that the new girls didn’t know how to act.

The two girls decided to spend a night in the office to watch reruns of their old show together. However, the next morning, Detective Freeman informed them that they were the prime suspects of the kidnapping of the new “Mystery Girls,” as they have gone missing.

The girls decided to clear their name and rushed back to the studio to search for clues. While there, they ran into Arthur again, who revealed that he also had a gift basket with a matching “Mystery Girls” phone and that the younger girls might have run off somewhere to have a good time, just like Holly and Charlie used to do. Realizing that the younger girls have “Mystery Girls” phones as well, they got Nick to start a trace on the phones.

They successfully tracked the younger girls at a party and confronted them after crashing the party by having Nick dress up as a bell boy and by having Charlie and Holly hide under the serving tray. However, after Holly told them how important the show was to her and Charlie, Nick informed them that the new “Mystery Girls” series had been cancelled.

Back at the office, Charlie tested out a lie detector machine she had just bought and wired Holly in order to get her to admit that she has a crush on Detective Freedman. However, Holly succeeded in fooling the detector, but she didn’t fool Charlie as she overheard Holly telling Nick that she can fool a lie detector test.

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Join Charlie, Nick and Holly as they solve more cases on “Mystery Girls” every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. on ABC Family.

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