Mystery Girls: High School Mystery Spoilers [WATCH VIDEO]

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Mystery Girls: High School Mystery Spoilers [WATCH VIDEO]
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“Mystery Girls” Season 1 Episode 5 “High School Mystery” will air on Wednesday, July 23, 2014, at 8:30 p.m. on ABC Family. Warning! This article contains spoilers. Read only if you want to learn more about Movie News Guide’s (MNG) spoilers on Episode 5 “High School Mystery,” including a recap of Episode 4 “Pilot.”

Previously on “Mystery Girls” (Episode 4 “Pilot” air date: July 16, 2014), Holly Hamilton (Tori Spelling), Charlie Contour (Jennie Garth) and their assistant, Nick Diaz (Miguel Pinzon), guest on ET for an interview. During the interview, it is revealed how the “Mystery Girls” got back together and started solving cases as real-live detectives.

Charlie Contour is a stay-at-home mother, whose daughter thinks that she isn’t cool, and her husband, Michael (Adam Mayfield), watches reruns of “Mystery Girls,” a television series that she used to star in with Holly Hamilton (Tori Spelling). While Charlie adjusted to family life, Holly still longs for the days when she used to be famous, when she was Denise Parks, alongside Charlie’s Veronica Grant.

As chance would have it, both Charlie and Holly were called down to the local police station by Detective Duane Freeman (Ryan Mc Partlin) to assist him in a murder investigation, as the murder witness would only give his statement to the Mystery Girls. This led to a reunion between the estranged co-stars. Holly was ecstatic and excited to start being a detective once again, while Charlie could not wait for it to be over.

The murder witness, Nick Diaz, witnessed the murder during a tour of Los Angeles, as he had just arrived in the city from Ohio. He revealed that he was a big ‘Mystery Girls’ fan, which was why he would only give his statement to them. He was able to give them an accurate description of the trench coat of the murderer, which allowed Holly and Charlie to give the detective some helpful hints before leaving.

Holly, excited about their reunion,   begged Charlie to go out with her for a drink. Their date was uneventful, until they spotted a man in the restaurant wearing the exact same trench coat that Nick had described. Eager to solve a mystery, Holly persuaded Charlie to disguise herself as a waitress in order to find out the truth. However, things went out of hand when Holly accused the customer of murder and cuffed him with pink handcuffs. Charlie jumped on his back so that he would not get away, but the duo was sorely disappointed when they realized that he was merely a shoplifter. The entire affair landed them with a picture from the camera crew of TMZ, which launched them into fame once more. Now, Charlie’s daughter thought that she was a cool mother, and her husband asked for autographed head shots of herself.

Holly took advantage of this by setting up a private detective agency, which she named after “Mystery Girls.” Charlie realized that she misses those days when she and Holly were fighting crime and finally decided to join Holly’s agency. They started out fixing things by looking for an assistant, to which they got a huge response from. However, when Charlie looked out the door to call out the first interviewee, all the candidates had gone. Nick Diaz proudly walked in and informed them that he had sent them all away as he had claimed that the position had been already been filled — by him.

After much persuasion and an attempt at a formal interview, they finally hired Nick, who gave them their first case — to search for a missing dog, with a reward of $3,000.00.

Spoiler Alert: “Mystery Girls” Season 1 Episode 5 “High School Mystery” airs on Wednesday, July 23, 2014, at 8:30 on ABC Family.

Spoiler TV has posted an exclusive sneak peak of the teaser trailer for Episode 5 “High School Mystery” and a short clip from the new episode.

The teaser shows Holly and Charlie going undercover at a high school in order to solve a mystery there. Charlie goes undercover as a gym teacher, while Holly decides to go undercover as a student. Based on the short clip, Holly tries her best to fit in with the “in” crowd, as she answers back at Charlie, the gym teacher during gym class.

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Join Holly, Charlie and Nic in action in “Mystery Girls” on Wednesdays at 8:30p.m. on ABC Family.

Check out the link below for the teaser trailer of Episode 5 “High School Mystery”.

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