Mystery Woman With Seungri Reveals Herself, Says She’s The BIGBANG Member’s Translator!

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
Mystery Woman With Seungri Reveals Herself, Says She’s The BIGBANG Member’s Translator!

Taiwan became a hotspot of controversy for BIGBANG member Seungri after it was rumored that he hooked-up with a curvaceous young woman at a club. Read on for more details.

The unidentified woman though immediately cleared the incident as reported in Soompi. The female named Maggie Mong who joined Seungri partying was actually a translator and not some cheap call girl as earlier insinuated by reports.

“I worked as a simultaneous interpreter three or four years ago. Right now I’m not in charge of Seungri’s interpretations specifically, though I did recently receive a request to supervise the interpretation of BIGBANG’s Taiwan concert and individual schedules,” Mong explained her side of the story.

Mong added that she does not have any shady relationship with her client especially as portrayed by the photos published by the media. She insisted that she had no idea whatsoever that the photos would eventually be given a different connotation.

“I’ve never once thought about becoming famous. I’ve worked with Korean stars for four or five years, and I’ve had coffee or meals with them before.” Mong continued.

YG Entertainment also made it crystal clear regarding the episode as the management was quoted in All K-Pop.

“We are aware that he spent time with his friends after Big Bang’s concert. The atmosphere was not serious… He did not ride in a car with the female in question,” a representative explained.

Controversy or not, the 24-year-old singer believes that he is the only member of BIGBANG that is taking in some flak from the public.

The youngest member of the boy band disclosed via Koreaboo that during the time of the “We Like 2 Party” video shoot, he decided to take a subway ride on the Hongik University station but despite being crowded no one gave attention of his presence.

“I went to Hongik University station because I wanted to greet the public. But nobody recognized me,” Seungri made known his feelings of dejection by the outcome.

Photo Source: Facebook/Seungri

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