Mythical Chinese Character ‘The Monkey King’ To Hit Silver Screen Soon In English Language

By Poonam Singh | 2 years ago
Mythical Chinese Character ‘The Monkey King’ To Hit Silver Screen Soon In English Language

Christopher Yost, writer of “Thor: The Dark World” and Richard Taylor, designer of “Lord of the Rings” are all set to bring the character of the mythical Chinese monkey from “Journey to the West,” a novel of the 16th Century, to the English language silver screen. Read for more information.

Yost and Taylor will work together for giving life to “The Monkey King” and present it to the U.S. audience with the help of Abstract Entertainment (Los Angeles) and China’s Eracme Entertainment. It was said that the story will have a modern set up which is very famous among Chinese people.

While talking about the “The Monkey King,” the producers from Abstract Entertainment’s side Mike Bundlie and Barry Levine in a statement said, “The Monkey King will be the first English-language film focused on introducing a Chinese tale to the international audience.”

The popularity of “The Monkey King” in China can very well be imagined by looking at the figures received by its versions, like a live-action packed film made in 2014 successfully grossed more than $167 million at the box office whereas “Monkey King: Hero Is Back,”an animated remake released this year in July grossed around $151 million.

The famous Dragonball anime series was also inspired by the same saga which is about a legendary stone born monkey who acquires magical powers of several transforming creatures. Justin Chatwin and Emmy Rossum starrer 2009’s “Dragonball: Evolution” was the movie which came out of the anime series, but not much liked by the audience. However, with Yost and Taylor on board, both the studios are very hopeful, though the search for a director is still on and the date for the start of filming will be decided later on.

Meanwhile, Yost in a statement said, “a globe-hopping, modern adventure, the opportunity of a lifetime” and on the same scale Taylor called this opportunity as “a new fantastic approach to the Monkey King legend.”

Good Luck to Yost and Taylor for their upcoming project!

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