Nadiya Hussain Almost Quit ‘Great British Bake Off’; Thanks ‘dreamboat’ husband for encouraging her

By Ivy Candelaria | 2 years ago
Nadiya Hussain Almost Quit ‘Great British Bake Off’; Thanks ‘dreamboat’ husband for encouraging her
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Many viewers were so moved by Nadiya Hussain’s emotional triumph on “Great British Bake Off” but did you know that she almost did not join the show when she was called back? Read on to know more about her touching story. (via Mail Online)

Viewership for the finale peaked at 14.5 million, making “Great British Bake Off” this year’s most watched show. In an interview with Hello! Magazine, Hussain disclosed that she almost turned down the chance to participate in Bake Off.

“Before I did Bake Off I did wonder if, after 10 years of being at home, I was work ready. When I was called for the final 12, I nearly rang to tell them I couldn’t do it.” she said.

Explaining her moving victory speech, she said that it “came from somewhere deep”.

“It was all about the boundaries I put on myself. But with each week of Bake Off another boundary fell away until I felt completely open and free to run as far as I wanted. I feel there’s nothing I can’t do.” Hussain said.

With the support of her family, husband Abdal and their three children: Musa, 9, Dawud, 8, and Maryam, 5; she shared that she can’t imagine the aftermath the show caused in their lives. She added that she was not the only one who gained popularity from it, but her husband as well, who has his just portion of admirers.

“I believe he’s what you’d call a dreamboat, that’s what it says in the papers, or the Hottie with the Cappuccino Skin!” That’s what I call him now, she said.


She also said that her husband tried to get her to apply for the show but she thought, “I don’t have the confidence to do this.” This year, “he pretty much forced me”, she added. The reassuring words said to her were: “You’re really good, you’re really clever, you should just do it, what’s the worst that will ever happen?'”


Hussain is now also considered as a role model. From the reactions she has been receiving, it seems that she is characterizing Muslims, Bangladeshis, Luton, Leeds, stay-at-home mums, wives, mothers—and the list appears to be getting longer.

She struggled briefly with her weight; something she had to deal with after having her kids.

“I decided three years ago to do something about my weight. I briefly tried meal replacements and lost a stone but they didn’t suit me. Instead, I just ate smaller portions of food and walked a lot. Gradually, over nine months I lost three stone.

As for future plans, Hussaid said, “I’d love to do telly and write a book and whatever else comes along, nothing’s sealed yet. None of this feels like work, it feels like fun.”

Photo Source: Hello! Magazine

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