‘Narcos’ Update: 5 Pablo Escobar Facts That Are Stranger Than The Series

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
‘Narcos’ Update: 5 Pablo Escobar Facts That Are Stranger Than The Series

The new Netflix series ‘Narcos’ delves deep into the life of Colombian drug trafficker, Pablo Escobar. Turns out, this ‘narco-trafficante’ lead a life so extraordinary, that the fact is often stranger than fiction. Read on to find out more.

‘Narcos’ is playing to rave reviews right now, but the life of Pablo Escobar may just actually be more interesting than any TV series could ever define. One of the riches criminals in the world, Escobar led a life so opulent that it is truly, as the series calls it, “magical realism.”

Pablo Escobar had to buy $2500 worth to rubber bands each month just to stock up his cash. 10% of this cash was eaten by rats each year, which amounts to a billion.

In fact, Pablo Escobar was so rich, he once burnt $2 million just to keep his daughter warm when they were in hiding.

Escobar’s home ‘Hacienda Napoles’ which is frequently shown in the show as the kingpin’s main gateway, is built on 5,000 acres and has almost every conceivable luxury, including a zoo. After his demise, the property fell to ruins but is  apparently still occupied by twenty hippos.

He was also a ruthless criminal, his motto famously being ‘plata o plomo’, silver or lead, signifying either a bribe or death. In total, he was responsible for over 4000 deaths, including a Colombian presidential candidate.

He had his own Learjet, and was even thought responsible for having bombed the World Trade Center. At the same time he spent millions on parks, schools, stadiums and hospitals in western Colombia.

Clearly a complex character, catch up with Netflix’ “Narcos” for more Escobar.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Narcos

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