‘Naruto’ Live-Action American Movie Is On The Making! A Flop Might Happen?

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
‘Naruto’ Live-Action American Movie Is On The Making! A Flop Might Happen?
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A live-action American “Naruto” movie is on its way! But, it seems like they are set to ruin the manga lovers’ favorite character!

An American studio has finally signed a contract to have the rights to make a live-action movie out of “Naruto,” one of the best selling manga and anime in the world. It was written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto and was first published in 1997.

According to Variety, LionsGate was able to convince Michael Gracey to sign a contract, naming him as the director of the upcoming live-action movie of “Naruto.” It sounds good, but based on i09, view—LionsGate hired someone who might know from…nothing!

According to the site’s report, if you based Gracey’s IMDb profile, he is listed as the director of “The Greatest Show on Earth,” which is only in pre-production, and nothing else. He has a background in visual effects as he worked as the visual effects supervisor on the 2003 movie “Ned Kelly”—a historical movie about an Australian outlaw.

This fact made it clear that it is a big difference from making a legendary Japanese ninjas into a live-action movie. Imagine, how will a director lead a team if he does not know what he is doing? Mind you, the manga is a success even the anime itself is a success, but a live-action movie? Will it be worth watching for? Will they not ruin Kishimoto’s most successful Japanse creation? Hope so.

On the other hand, Variety also lists some of Gracey’s work and again, io9’s view is right… nothing has come out. Also, Avi Arad and his son Ari Arad are producing through Arad Productions. Erik Feig, Geoff Shaveitz and Kelly O’Malley are assigned to oversee the film.

Meanwhile, as of writing, many fans already expressed their opinions about this “live-action movie” news—and as expected most of them have not-so-good reactions about it.

“Hollywood CANNOT make a live-action of an anime. Leave it to the Japanese to do that. They know what they are doing.” –Teiji from Screenrant

“Another good anime/magna goes to $hi÷ due to live action wannabe anime, prayers with Naruto.”—Tzfreeman from Saiyan Island

“Please don’t mess this up like the Last Airbender or Dragon Ball Evolution.” –Arthur Jean-Gilles from GoBoiano

Based on the reactions of the fans, can LionsGate prove that they can make a satisfying, worth watching live-action “Naruto” movie that will be able to meet the standards of the fans? Time will speak!

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