Nat G Denies Rumors about Her Quitting ‘Mob Wives’

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Nat G Denies Rumors about Her Quitting ‘Mob Wives’

As updates about “Mob Wives” Season 6 continuously hit online, rumors have surfaced for the past months that Natalie “Nat G.” Guercio is quitting the show. However, Nat G. recently confirmed that she would not leave the series just yet. Read on for details.

In March 2015, Guercio replied to a fan’s tweet, asking her if she would come back for “Mob Wives” Season 6. She made it clear that she did not receive any notice that she would be fired from the show. This month, she retweeted a post from an unverified account of “Mob Wives.” It implied that Nat G. is still part of the “Mob Wives” family.

However, reports last month suggested that Guercio’s return was highly impossible because of alleged drug addiction. Nat G. wrote on her “fake blog,” as how her co-star Karen Gravano described it, that she longed to take a break from all the issues, according to Master Herald’s summary of Guercio’s past controversies.

Gravano claimed on Guercio’s behalf that the latter was fired. She tweeted about Nat G. creating stories to conceal that she is not part of the series anymore.

Supporting Guercio’s rumors of drug addiction, Renee Graziano revealed that Nat G. was hospitalized because of meth overdose and promised to support her during recovery. She hoped that Guercio’s conflict with Natalie “Nat D.” Didonato would finally end to avoid tragic results.

During “Mob Wives” Season 5, Nat G. already considered quitting the show. She told VladTV that viewers wanted her to quit the show for “bigger, better things.” Another possible factor for her to leave the show was the newbie, Nat D. Nat G. claimed that Philadelphia dislikes the other Natalie and did not want to be associated with her.

VH1 has no official announcement yet regarding the premiere date of “Mob Wives” Season 6.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Mob Wives

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