Natalie Guercio To Quit ‘Mob Wives’ Season 6: Karen Gravano Happy!

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Natalie Guercio To Quit ‘Mob Wives’ Season 6: Karen Gravano Happy!
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Natalie Guercio is exiting “Mob Wives” in style. She will no longer be a part of Season 6, and is citing differences with Karen Gravano as an excuse to leave the show. Apparently, her fans have claimed that they won’t be watching the show unless she is in it. Natalie Guercioalso also claimed that she might get her own show any time now.

The latest “Mob Wives” spoiler revealed that Natalie Guercio will not be returning to star in season 6 of the show. It is claimed that Guercio is not going to continue working with the show because of an old feud with Karen Gravano. The reality star hinted that Gravano was intensely envious of her as she had no real connection with the mob.

Guercio has recently tweeted that she thought her storyline had grown to be “too big” for the show to handle. She claimed that some of the cast members had gotten jealous of the attention she was getting. Members of the press then assumed that the cast member whose jealousy made her quit was probably Gravano who is reported to have a long standing feud with Guercio. Season 5 made it quite apparent to the audiences that Guercio and Gravano didn’t get along. They had even continued their verbal altercation during the reunion episode.

This being reality television, it is hard to tell if the fights were scripted or real. But it is obvious that the girls have some sort of jealous animosity going on for each other. Some parts of the fighting did seem real, after all.

Guercio has tweeted that she is planning to get her own show. Following Guercio’s tweet, Gravano has come up with a strong comeback and said that her storyline is far better than Guercio’s. She has also said that the next season of “Mob Wives” is only going to get better, now that Guercio is not a part of it.

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