Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk Reveal “Con Man’s” Mini “Firefly” Reunion and Dish About Adam Baldwin’s Possible Role

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk Reveal “Con Man’s” Mini “Firefly” Reunion and Dish About Adam Baldwin’s Possible Role
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It has been around a decade since Joss Whedon’s short-lived space western, “Firefly,” has gone off the air. However, after the cancelation of the show, “Firefly” fans banded together and petitioned to The Powers That Be, which allowed for a movie follow-up called “Serenity” to occur. However, just recently, two of its cast members- Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk, have finally reunited in order to give fans a comedic treat in the form of their Indiegogo funded web series project entitled “Con Man”, which, according to the pair, will feature several cast members of “Firefly.” Read on to learn more about “Con Man.”

Entertainment Weekly reported taha  “Con Man,” which is short for “Convention Man”, stars Alan Tudyk as a washed-up actor named Wren Neely. He is said to have portrayed the role of a pilot in the short-lived science fiction show entitled “Spectrum.”

The web series follows him as he makes a living by going to various conventions while trying to figure out a way on how not to be overshadowed by Fillion’s Jack Moore. He is also starred on the show, and ended up becoming a highly sought after actor.

The pair crowdfunded their idea via Indiegogo. They managed to gain around $1.5 million in just two days, which overshot their initial target.

During the recently San Diego Comic-Con convention, Fillion and Tudyk revealed to Michael Ausiello from TV Line in TV Line’s Hard Rock Hotel Interview Suite, that the entire idea for the web series happened in Fillion’s kitchen.

Tudyk then went on the explain that they, the cast of “Firefly” have experience and have gone around the convention circuit before, and love the convention experience. It includes both with their interactions with their fans, and with the organizers of conventions. Their experiences, which, they claim is “rife with comedy,” served as the inspiration for the series.

However, the web series in itself isn’t a mockery of the convention circuit. They wanted to highlight the fact that even though Neely thinks that he’s down on his luck, that he’s actually very lucky and blessed to have fans who still love the show and his character.

They also told Ausiello that just like “Firefly,” their “fake show”, “Spectrum”, had gotten cancelled after fourteen episodes, and that Fillion’s Jack Moore played the show’s captain, while Tudyk’s Neely was the pilot of the ship.

They also mentioned that the show would be a reunion of sorts. Jewel Staite, Gina Torres, Summer Glau and Sean Maher, who were all part of the “Firefly” cast, and Joss Whedon himself, would be guest stars. However, they weren’t able to get a hold of Ron Glass, Morena Baccarin and Adam Baldwin, as they were all busy with different projects. However, the pair teased that they were going to give Adam Baldwin a character in who loves guns, as Baldwin himself is an actor who likes guns, as seen in most of his roles.

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