Nathan Sykes Reveals Story With Ex Ariana Grande Through New Song

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Nathan Sykes Reveals Story With Ex Ariana Grande Through New Song
The Wanted, Empire State Building Observation Deck, April 24th 2012, New York City. From left: Nathan Sykes, Tom Parker, Siva Kaneswaran, Max George and Jay McGuiness

It’s been quite a trend recently for some singers to write songs related to their current and past love lives, no matter how good and how bad it goes (um, Taylor Swift?). And this is what upcoming solo singer Nathan Sykes has been up to.

In an interview with The Daily Star, Sykes talks about one of his new songs for his upcoming debut solo album, though he didn’t reveal what its name is yet. He hinted that the album is pretty much a mix of genres — pop and some soul, funk, and even R&B.

Sykes also talked about one of the songs being inspired by his previous relationship with Ariana Grande back in 2013. Though some speculate it to be a sort of diss considering how they broke things up, Sykes said that Grande doesn’t have anything to worry about what’s in store for her in the song. “It is a nice song… It’s very complimentary and emotional actually. She will hear it and think ‘Oh so you do have feelings,’” the 21-year-old lad said to the reporter of The Daily Star.

Apparently, Grande hasn’t listened to the song yet, but judging from what he knows about her, Sykes believes that should they meet sometime, she’ll corner him and demand to play the song for her. The same goes for Sykes’ former The Wanted bandmates. “None of the boys have heard it. I would let them listen to it if they wanted to,” Sykes added.

According to The Sun, as cited by, Sykes considers the song he wrote about Grande to be the most emotional song in his album. He admitted that he had a hard time dealing with their breakup because they split up during a bad time in his life, when his grandfather passed away and The Wanted disbanded. However, he added that there’s no bad blood between them despite their breakup.

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