Nathan Sykes Writes Solo Song Inspired by Ex-Girlfriend Ariana Grande

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Nathan Sykes Writes Solo Song Inspired by Ex-Girlfriend Ariana Grande
Nathan Sykes at the Empire State Building Observation Deck, April 24th 2012, New York City

With his band on hiatus, ‘The Wanted” member Nathan Sykes finally decided to step out and pursue a solo career. As he prepares for his first solo album, he reveals that he had one particular song that took a hint from his relationship with Ariana Grande years ago.

In an interview with The Sun, Sykes was asked on which of his solo songs particularly spoke volumes about him. Sykes revealed that the song he believed to be emotionally pointing to him is “about me telling myself not to be angry at the break-up because sometimes things just don’t work out.”

Sykes also said that his break-up with Grande came along with some of the low points of his life. Apparently, their break-up took place around the time when “The Wanted” have decided to go on hiatus for a while, as well as when Sykes’ grandfather died. So, Sykes wasn’t exactly left in good shape after that.

However, Sykes also added that despite their break-up, there isn’t any occurring tension between him and Grande.

“We split because of the long-distance thing. There was that amazing moment at the start of the relationship where we both convinced ourselves, ‘Yeah, long distance won’t matter. It will be fine.’ But it was impossible,” Sykes shared.

As such, Sykes also said that he didn’t place any further details regarding his relationship with Grande, preferring to keep things private out of his respect for her.

After collaborating on their duet “Almost Is Never Enough,” Celebuzz reported that  Sykes and Grande became close to each other. It eventually led to them dating for a few months after Grande broke up with Jai Brooks of “The Janoskians.” Grande went back for a short time with Brooks after breaking things off with Sykes. Since then, she has been dating Big Sean.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Joella Marano

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