Naughty Boy Bashes Louis Tomlinson for ‘Stressing Out’ Zayn Malik

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Naughty Boy Bashes Louis Tomlinson for ‘Stressing Out’ Zayn Malik
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Though there was a bit of silence, it seems the battle between Naughty Boy and One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson is still on. And it looks like Round 2 will be starting soon, what with Naughty Boy’s recent interview shooting barbs at Tomlinson. Read on.

On Tuesday, April 7, Heat magazine reported of their interview with Naughty Boy regarding his recent clash with Tomlinson. Naughty Boy released a snippet of a song made by former One Direction member Zayn Malik. It caused a ruckus among the One Directioners as many assumed it was a song they were working on together for some time now. As it turned out, the song was previously made for One Direction’s “Four” album but didn’t get in.

With regards to his clash with Tomlinson and the fans’ reactions, Naughty Boy said that he wasn’t trying to provoke anyone with his post, and Tomlinson apparently made things worse with his reaction on Twitter: “Wow @NaughtyBoyMusic you’re so inconsiderate pal , seriously how fucking old are you? Grow up! #masterofallwisdom”

“I don’t think that’s fair. Especially on Zayn, that’s not fair. Right now, there needs to be calm. [Louis] could have said that to me privately. Doing it openly is another act of provocation that’s not needed,” Naughty Boy said in his interview.

As to why Malik has been hanging out with him in his studio lately, Naughty Boy admits to being a good friend of his and has been helping him loosen up a bit. He also pointed out that Malik has been so stressed lately. It was also because of the cheating rumours and his leaving One Direction, and his hanging out more with his friends and his fiancée Perrie Edwards are his ways of coping up to it all.

To read more of the exclusive interview with Naughty Boy, you can read the full article in Heat magazine’s published magazine for this week.

What do you make of Naughty Boy’s statement regarding his and Louis Tomlinson’s Twitter war regarding Zayn Malik? Post your comments below.

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