‘NBA Live 16’ Not To Feature Player Or Roster Editing: Fans Disappointed

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
‘NBA Live 16’ Not To Feature Player Or Roster Editing: Fans Disappointed
NBA Live 16

“NBA Live 16” would not feature player or roster editing this year. The news was confirmed on Facebook. However, fans went wild on Twitter, as it was something that rival “NBA 2K” has had for years.

According to Design & Trend, “NBA Live” series fans gained again when EA Sports reintroduced “NBA Live 14.” It was so successful to attract fans away from “NBA 2K,” however, the latest news related to “NBA Live 16” may have the risk of losing potential buyers.

As per the posting on Facebook, even though “NBA Live 16” would not have feature player or roster editing this year, EA Sports was considering it for 2016. Chances are there that EA Sports might introduce the feature after the release of the game.

However, it seems that fans are not able to control themselves, and are going wild over Twitter. They keep voicing their opinion and thoughts regarding the feature not been included in the “NBA Live 16” video game series. It was reported that few fans were disappointed about the exclusion of the feature, while other fans did not seem to make it an issue.

The video game series lacking the roster editing feature is a big deal for some fans. Some fans tweeted that they are not willing to buy the game if it is excluding roster editing feature. While some fans are eager to know whether there is any possibility of adding the roster editing feature.

In fact, if fans raise their voice on social media, EA Sports might be put under pressure to add the feature to the video game series “NBA Live 16.”

What do you think about the feature exclusion in “NBA Live 16?” Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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