NBA News: Dwight Howard Still Plagued By Back Problems; Coach McHale Stays Positive For Regular Season Opener

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
NBA News: Dwight Howard Still Plagued By Back Problems; Coach McHale Stays Positive For Regular Season Opener
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Dwight Howard, who had missed six of the Houston Rockets’ pre-season games due to a recurring back problem, is expected to join his team’s contact drills anytime soon. Read On!

Kevin McHale head coach for the Rockets was quoted in ESPN saying, “My goal for Dwight is to play every healthy minute without hurting himself.”

Just to be on the safe side, the Rockets have been meticulous with their star center’s health. McHale has faith in the three-time Defensive Player of the Year’s rehabilitation process, asserting that they are close at hand on their objective with Howard.

“We want to get him contact, at some point he will, hopefully in the next two, three, four days we can get him on the floor so he can get some work in,” the former “Celtic Pride” added.

McHale also mentioned that if Howard will still be unable to suit-up for the final game with San Antonio this Friday then he will involve the big man in few scrimmages prior to the kicked-off of the regular season.

Howard showed-off some signs of his old self during the preseason opener against a gritty Memphis Grizzlies team in which he posted 11 boards, five points and two blocks in 23 minutes of playing time.

Last season, Howard only managed to play 41 games as he was hampered with an assortment of injuries. Nevertheless, the Rockets managed a “Cinderella Story” against the Los Angeles Clippers in the playoffs with Howard supposedly battling a knee injury.

Howard recently gave light on his condition during the playoffs via ESPN, indicating that his injury was much greater than what was perceived.

“I was basically playing with a torn MCL and meniscus,” Howard finally revealed as he deliberately covered it up with a sore knee story.

Fortunately, team physicians came to an agreement that Dwight Howard did not require any surgery during the offseason as it wasn’t that severe.

Photo Source: Facebook/Dwight Howard

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