Chris Bosh Out For Rest Of The NBA Playoffs – Find Out Why!

By Nimfa Idea | 2 years ago
Chris Bosh Out For Rest Of The NBA Playoffs – Find Out Why!
Chris Bosh

Less than a month since the NBA Playoffs 2016 began, Miami Heat announced that Chris Bosh will miss the rest of the postseason. Bosh, playing power forward for Heat, will have to rest for a while because of his battle with a blood-clot-related condition.

Sports Illustrated reported earlier that his calf strain turned into a blood clot scare, causing him to miss every game after the All-star game. His doctors learned that he has blood clots on his lungs.

The official statement from the team says Bosh, the Heat, and the medical team have been working together throughout this process. Chris Bosh’s fans need not worry because the cager will return to play basketball as soon as possible. Rest assured that the athlete’s situation is not life-threatening.

As per reports, Bosh announced it to his team even before the playoffs started. He once said he is positive and will return this season. “I am feeling great and currently I do not have deep vein thrombosis,” Bosh said. He continued, “I have been working out, training with the team, watching film of the games, walking through plays, and have attended home games despite not being visible to the public.”

According to CBS Sports, Bosh has continued to receive treatment and has actually been doing work in a gym taking shots. There were players with blood clots who were forced to retire from professional sports in the past. Will Bosh retire anytime soon? He made it clear with his statement two months ago that he did not believe that would be the case.

For the meantime, all Chris Bosh could do is watch his team, with the latest game happening tonight at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. Will Heat still take the lead as they face the Toronto Raptors for Game 2? Find out tonight at 8pm.    


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