NBA Rumors: DeMarcus Cousins to be traded by Sacramento Kings to Los Angeles Lakers?

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
NBA Rumors: DeMarcus Cousins to be traded by Sacramento Kings to Los Angeles Lakers?
Sacramento Kings

DeMarcus Cousins may not stay with the Sacramento Kings for long. The team owner may keep insisting that Cousins is going to stay with the team, but the rumor mills seem to be churning out the news that Cousins is going to exit the Rajon Rondo-led team soon. Read on for more details.

The Gospel Herald reports that team owner Vivek Ranadive wants to hold on to DeMarcus Cousins. But the rest of the organization wants Cousins out. It is even being whispered that coach George Karl is also in favor of trading Cousins. Rumor mills are predicting that the star will be traded before the regular season begins.

It is being insinuated that the Los Angeles Lakers are looking for someone just like Cousins for their team and might be interested in trading for him. The NBA team might just have to pull in Roy Hibbert from the Lakers team to get rid of Cousins. Cousins has been looking a little too annoyed with his current team to kept on the roster now. This is making Sacramento a little too peeved off to keep him. Cousins, too, it seems, will be happy to be traded. After all, he has been angry with the management for long enough.

The rumors of Cousins leaving Sacramento Kings is so strong that sportscasters are beginning to crack jokes about it. After all, Cousins, even with his arrogant attitude, is an undeniable asset to Sacramento Kings. Heck, he might even be their only asset these days.

Sporting News did a funny piece on what would happen if Cousins moved to another team. According to Sporting News, if the Lakers manage to buy DeMarcus Cousins, they will have an ego war on their hands. Kobe Bryant will obviously want to look like the lone star on the team. Meanwhile, Cousins might jeopardize his standing as the only star in the team.

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