NBA Rumors: Warriors Focused On Handing out Extensions to Harrison Barnes, Festus Ezeli

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
NBA Rumors: Warriors Focused On Handing out Extensions to Harrison Barnes, Festus Ezeli
Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors may have won the NBA Championship, but they are still having trouble hanging on to the players. This should have been their easy year after winning the championship for the first time after 1975, but like all the teams in the championship, they have to shell money to keep their talent from going to the other teams. Read on for more details.

If the website,, is to be believed, the Golden State Warriors managed to hang on to Draymond Green only because he is a restricted free agent. He could therefore not make the moves to get out of their contract. But it won’t be smooth sailing for the Warriors when both Harrison Barnes and Festus Ezeli finally become free agents too.

Barnes and Ezeli are also going to be restricted free agents, but they might get attention and the all important money from other teams and might walk out of Warriors eventually. It is a given that there is more money in free agency. Also, more teams will vie for the attention of the two stars and try to buy them with more money.

Warriors’ General Manager Bob Myers is still optimistic about keeping the two players. However, there is no guarantee that Barnes and Ezeli won’t walk away when they are handed a meatier deal by another team.

It is Myers’s responsibility to bring back a winning team. He is already looking to give Stephen Curry a really big extension and this will obviously force him to cut either Barnes or Ezeli from the team. The money crunch may tie up his hands and the team will look the worse for it. But at the moment Myers looks optimistic about keeping both Barnes and Ezeli in his team even though his optimism seems to be waning a little as the year goes by.

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