NBA Trade Rumor: Hassan Whiteside Of Miami Heat To Join Dallas Mavericks?

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
NBA Trade Rumor: Hassan Whiteside Of Miami Heat To Join Dallas Mavericks?
Hassan Whiteside

The NBA trade rumors suggested that it is possible for Hassan Whiteside to join with Dallas Mavericks as his security in Miami Heat is now uncertain. Read on to know more details.

According to YIBADA, Hassan Whiteside will “enter 2016 free agency as a player up for grabs to any team with the requisite salary-cap space.” Moreover, the Dallas fans believe that it is better for the Miami Heat to sacrifice Whiteside in return for some valuable assets.

SPORTSBLOG reported that the move would be profitable for both the teams. If the team is playing well, then it is expected that the Miami Heat would keep Whiteside. However, if the team is struggling to get the championship, then there is possibility for the Miami Heat to trade Whiteside for the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavericks could trade Zaza Pachulia and Dwight Powell in exchange for Whiteside and Josh McRoberts.

According to the source, Pachulia and Powell along with the 2017 first round pick would be the offer of the Mavericks to the Miami Heat in exchange for Whiteside and McRoberts. Definitely, such a move would prove to be beneficial for both the teams. However, it might depend on the direction in which the Miami heat is heading to.

The advantage for Miami Heat for this move is that the team would have a strong center with Pachulia, while Powell would be a possible star.

Based on a report from Australia Network, this move between Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks could be hard as “Whiteside has transformed from being a journeyman into a possible franchise building unit.”

The source further added that Miami Heat would get flexibility in their salary cap if the team consider bringing Kevin Durant in their roster, apart from getting a stronger team with Pachulia and Powell in exchange for Whiteside.

Photo Source: Facebook/ Hassan Whiteside

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