NBA Trade Rumors: Chicago Bulls Might just Trade Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
NBA Trade Rumors: Chicago Bulls Might just Trade Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson

Things haven’t been that great for Chicago Bulls this season and following the same, it looks like the team will be making some stringent decisions. Decisions that might just get Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson traded for a better and talented wing player.


According to Fansided, looking at how Chicago Bulls have been struggling to perform, the team is considering a major trade and might even do it if it means acquiring a better wing player. The media outlet also reported that since even Tony Snell hasn’t performed up to expectations, the team is willing to trade either Noah or Gibson if not both for a better player. They are looking at available opportunities and will take action as soon as they find one. But as of now this is the direction Chicago Bulls are going to go at. Rumors about Joakim and Taj getting traded aren’t new since both of them aren’t getting younger and if a deal like this is made, bosses at the Bulls won’t really mind letting them go. Its quite unclear whether both of them will get traded or just one of them, but it is almost certain that a trade is going to happen looking at the Bulls’ recent performance.


NBC Sports added that as far as Joakim Noah is concerned, he is on an expiring contract so it would be a hard challenge for Bulls to find a team who would be more than willing to trade a talented wing player against Noah. Looking at Noah’s performance and the fact that he is not the same guy physically he used to be who happened to win the Defensive Player of the Year just a few seasons back, it seems Noah will be the one to be let go from Bulls. As far as Taj is concerned, he is contracted for one more season with the team and a pay of $8.5 million. With not too many sellers on the market, it remains to be seen what decision will Chicago Bulls come at when it comes to trading their players.

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