‘NBA Trade Rumors’: Dwight Howard Not Top Priority For Orlando Magic

By Tanya | 2 years ago
‘NBA Trade Rumors’: Dwight Howard Not Top Priority For Orlando Magic
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Dwight Howard is not as dominant a player as he was four years ago. This was when he last played for the Orlando Magic. According to NBA trade rumors, Howard wants to go back to the team, but do they want him?

ESPN sportscaster Mark Jones had recently tweeted that he had a well connected person tell him that Dwight Howard is looking to return to Orlando Magic. This is well and good, but it seems unlikely that Howard is the Magic’s top priority.

According to Orlando Sentinel, since the past four years, Howard has not added any skills that he lacked. He never developed the advanced low-post moves he was supposed to learn from Houston Rockets‘ Hakeem Olajuwon or even from the former coach Kevin McHale. Plus, his mid-range jumper is still non-existent, and he just had the worst free-throw shooting season of his career.

Now, no doubt it makes sense for Howard to find a four-year deal and quite a few teams, including Orlando Magic, will have the requisite money and few players of high caliber will also be available. So, this may just become Howard’s last chance for one last big contract.

Luckily for Howard, if NBA trade rumors are to be believed, the Dallas Mavericks are targeting him, according to Sportsrageous. Other people on their list includes Hassan Whiteside and Pau Gasol of Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls respectively. Howard has been linked to the Mavericks before. Before he signed on with the Rockets, he was said to have considered the Mavericks.

As for Orlando Magic, of course, it would be a great reunion if Howard rejoins the Orlando Magic. It will be similar to LeBron James leaving Miami Heat and rejoining Cleveland Cavaliers after four years in 2014. However, the franchise should focus elsewhere unless Howard opts for a one-year deal.

What will happen to Dwight Howard, only time will tell but one thing is for sure – NBA trade rumors will continue to surround him until he is signed by a team.


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