NBA Trade Rumors: Fans Of Chicago Bulls Want Pau Gasol Traded

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
NBA Trade Rumors: Fans Of Chicago Bulls Want Pau Gasol Traded

Chicago Bulls should be looking to trade Pau Gasol, the Bulls’ fans have suggested. The fans want a younger troupe to represent the Chicago Bulls. They want Chicago Bulls to focus more on the defensive in the coming season.

After the showdown with the Cleveland Cavaliers last season, Chicago Bulls are looking to strengthen their defensive while they train for bigger offensive. They will probably always remember how the Cavs and specifically, LeBron James broke them down last season.

Chicago Bulls have always been an Eastern Conference favorite and after the return of Derrik Rose last season, they were hot favorites for entering the finals. But things didn’t turn out the way the Bulls wanted and they still lost a chance at the title.

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Fans from the Blog a Bull website are looking forward to a change in the Bulls line up. They want the team management to look into trading Pau Gasol with the Sacramento Kings. The fans want Willie Cauley-Stein in exchange. They would also want to trade Kirk Hinrich for Darren Collison from the Kings.

These trades will bring in new talent that is considerably younger and has the potential to shine. Hell, one of these guys could also turn out to be Joakim Noah’s long term replacement. Lord knows that the Bulls need a strong center. Willie Cauley Stein may just be what the doctor ordered.

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But as the teams move into practice for the preseason, there is a slim chance that these trades will be made. Most teams are already hitting the courts and the trading season seems to be drawing to a close. Will there be last minute changes in the Chicago Bulls’ line up? It doesn’t sound likely. But if they do, the fans will be really happy with the team.

Yibada reported the news first.

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