NBA Trade Rumors: Houston Rockets Reach Out to Phoenix Suns: Markieff Morris Trade Talks Ensue

By Gemmie Caranay | 2 years ago
NBA Trade Rumors: Houston Rockets Reach Out to Phoenix Suns: Markieff Morris Trade Talks Ensue

Reports of Markieff Morris seeming to appear ‘not entirely happy’ with his team Phoenix Suns led to the spread of NBA trade rumors: rumors that Markieff will eventually leave the Suns to play for Houston Rockets.

The Houston Rockets evidently reached out sometime this month to the Phoenix Suns regarding a possible trade for Markieff, one half on the NBA’s Morris twins. The other half, Marcus Morris (who currently plays for the Detroit Pistons), apparently was the one who quipped at hints regarding his twin brother’s emotional state while playing for the Suns. Marcus was heard saying that ‘[Markieff] just doesn’t look comfortable’ and that ‘he don’t look too excited.’

The Houston Rockets, looking to improve their depth, took this as an opportunity. The Latin Post even went as far as to say that the Rockets had a “slow start,” and so looked to trade as one of their primary options. That is not to say that they plan on taking only Markieff, but he at least is in their sights as one of the top targets before the NBA annual trade deadline comes.

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It’s to be noted that during the Suns’ loss against the Memphis Grizzlies earlier this year, Markieff Morris was benched during the entire game despite his apparent health and capability. Sports analysts, however, took this one specific game as a sign that the Phoenix Suns can confidently move on, or even be better off, without Markieff. This viewpoint (shared by analysts and rivals alike) may be one of the major factors that helped propagate this particular NBA trade rumor.

Jeff Hornacek, coach for the Phoenix Suns, defended his decision regarding benching Markieff Morris, saying that it has nothing to do with Markieff’s performance whatsoever; rather it being a matter of strategic decision-making. Hornacek believed Markieff’s teammates Jon Leuer and Mirza Teletovic had a better chance against the Memphis Grizzlies’ defensive playstyle in the long-run.

This is not the first time Markieff Morris was involved in NBA trade rumors: he was also linked to the Detroit Pistons last summer (to play with his twin brother), but the Suns refused and kept him in their roster.


Photo Source: Wikimedia|Markieff Morris

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