NBA Trade Rumors: Jeremy Lin To Join Chicago Bulls Next Season?

By Tanya | 2 years ago
NBA Trade Rumors: Jeremy Lin To Join Chicago Bulls Next Season?
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Now that Charlotte Hornets lost to Miami Heat, there are NBA trade rumors that Jeremy Lin will leave the Hornets and join the Chicago Bulls next season.

As reported by Sportsrageous, Jeremy Lin had signed a two-year deal worth almost $4.4 million with the Charlotte Hornets before the start of the 2015-16 season, and he has a player option for the 2016-17 season. This translates into a possibility that Lin could explore the free agency market and join another team, possibly the Chicago Bulls.

Lin will be a good addition to the Chicago Bulls, especially their coach Fred Hoiberg‘s fast paced offense. Plus, Lin can be a good combination with Jimmy Butler to lead the team’s offense.

However, despite these NBA trade rumors, Lin would love to stay with the Hornets and re-sign with them. According to Charlotte Observer, Lin said that he was definitely interested in coming back because this is the most fun he has had in six years. He added that he has learned a lot, especially at the defensive end, by being with such a great group of players and a caring coaching staff.

Plus, Lin has indicated that he will not mind being paid less to stay on with the Hornets in the long term. He stated that his main aim was to have fun and be happy. He said that he has previously been paid on the lower end and still had a blast, and he has been paid on the higher end and not enjoyed it at all.

Lin said that he wants to play with Hornet guys and their coach, Steve Clifford again. He elaborated, “When you bounce around a lot the way I have, seeing a lot of organizations, there’s a lot about this one that I can appreciate in terms my experience, that maybe I didn’t have in other situations.”

Now, whether these NBA trade rumors about Lin shifting to Chicago Bulls are true or not, only time will tell. But, as of now, he will be happy to continue with the Charlotte Hornets.


Photo Source: Facebook/Jeremy Lin

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