NBA Trade Rumors: Knicks To Trade Carmelo Anthony To Cleveland Cavaliers?

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
NBA Trade Rumors: Knicks To Trade Carmelo Anthony To Cleveland Cavaliers?
Carmelo Anthony

Trade Rumors are alive about Carmelo Anthony again. It looks like the New York Knicks are finally going to get Carmelo off their hands. And the rumor mill says that they will be trading the ageing All Star for Cleveland Cavaliers’ alpha male Kevin Love.

The New York Knicks President, Phil Jackson, is trying to give his team a fresh start. He is looking to rebuild its ground up and not just make superficial changes. He knows that trying to create an instant title-winning team will spell doom for the Knicks and Carmelo Anthony doesn’t quite fit in – in the given scheme of things.

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The ageing All Star is anxious to be a part of a winning team, now that his days in NBA are numbered. He is already 31-years-old and he may just have a couple more seasons to make his play at being a part of a winning team. The fact that Phil Jackson is looking to rebuild from scratch won’t make Carmelo Anthony happy. So there is a good chance that both the Knicks management and Carmelo Anthony would be happy if he moved to another team.

Cleveland Cavaliers seem to have just the man who would be a good trade for Anthony. Kevin Love likes to lead, and in the current Knicks line-up, he will have the perfect chance to shine. He has the potential to shine in the current Knicks team, who are known for their triangle offence. Plus, he is big and a good replacement for Carmelo Anthony. Both men are good at posting up, passing, shooting and making plays on the court.

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But will Carmelo agree to play second fiddle to James in the Cavaliers’ team? He will most likely have issues with that. But the Knicks will obviously look to make the trade and the deal is probably as good as made.

Yibada reported the news first.

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