NBA Trade Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers To Trade Julius Randle for Markieff Morris?

By Akul Sharma | 2 years ago
NBA Trade Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers To Trade Julius Randle for Markieff Morris?

Los Angeles Lakers are looking to trade Julius Randle to get Markieff Morris for next season.Lakers have an immensely talented young team but the addition of an experienced center forward who is almost at his peak form can help them a lot in the new season. But to get Markieff on their squad they might have to trade Julius Randle.

It was revealed earlier that Markieff Morris has demanded a trade from Phoenix Suns citing disrespect to his twin brother as a reason. Many teams are willing to grab his services including Utah Jazz, proving that Markieff is a talented talented individual.

Randle, who’s a 2nd overall pick, might be a better bet than Morris, but his injury plagued first season instills worry. His injury puts pressure on two rookies, Randle and Russell, a sophomore and a fading legend returning from injury too.

Byron Scott is an old school coach and would definitely prefer something more stable and reassuring. Markieff Morris’ 15 points and 6 rebounds that too with respectable percentages would Scott more faith on him.

Therefore ESPN has proposed trading Randle, Ryan Kelly and Jabari Brown (for salary matches) to the Suns in exchange for Markieff Morris.

According to Yibada, The Suns will be better off with Randle and trading Morris for him will be a safe bet especially after Morris’ pubic outburst demanding a trade and criticizing the Suns.

But are The Lakers really willing to go for this trade? ESPN doubts it. The Lakers are only looking to acquire two players next season and would not like to go for more than that. And Randle is a player who showed them real hope and is kind of a favorite in the Lakerland. So the future of Markieff Morris looks to be hanging by thread up till now.

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