NBA Trade Rumors: Move To Trade Kevin Love To Denver Nuggets Makes Sense

By Alvin Albaciete | 2 years ago
NBA Trade Rumors: Move To Trade Kevin Love To Denver Nuggets Makes Sense
PHOTOGRAPH: Kevin Love Official Facebook Page | NBA Trade Rumors: Kevin Love to be traded to Denver Nuggets.

The latest NBA trade rumors center on Cleveland Cavalier’s Kevin Love. Despite the team being a force to reckon with in the East, they still cannot escape the fact that they have a very disappointing season. And one possible reason for their mishap is Love’s lowest production in his entire career. Well, no wonder there have been rumors about him being traded to the Denver Nuggets.

Love’s numbers this season are obviously low, falling short to his expected offense. In fact, it is evident that the Cavaliers are having a hard time giving the ball to him in the post when, ironically, it is in that area where he can be lethal. But, on the contrary, he is doing more spot-up on the perimeter – something that has clearly affected both his production and comfort.

With all the struggles he has been experiencing with the Cleveland Cavaliers, it is safe to say that Love has become a poor fit in the team. But it seems the Denver Nuggets has all the perfect package for the NBA player to become a superstar again, as reported by The Denver Post.

Reports have it that the Nuggets are willing to give the Cavaliers draft picks and veteran players currently in their prime so as to keep up with the team’s up-tempo pace. But, of course, the attempt will mean a trade for Love.

Today’s Fastbreak, on the other hand, notes that the NBA trade rumors about Love somehow make sense. Since coach Tyron Lue spearheaded Cleveland, the team has gradually moved to an up-tempo style of play. And if this is something that the Cavaliers will indeed move forward with, the trade to obtain the apt players is only justifiable. The Nuggets have players like Will Barton, Kenneth Fared and Danilo Gallinari who could all fit into Cleveland’s new game ethic.

If Love gets to be traded in Denver, his addition would complement the team’s philosophy. The Nuggets have a number of young potential players on the roster who can greatly benefit from an experienced veteran like him.

Well, it is still a matter of time before these NBA trade rumors are proven true. But if Kevin Love does go to Denver Nuggets, it could mean well for LeBron James’ team.

What are your thoughts on the rumors about Kevin Love being traded to Denver Nuggets? Do you believe this trade can be a blessing in disguise for him? Or perhaps, this trade will only mean harm to his career? What do you think? Comment your answers below!


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