NBA Trade Rumors: Paul George Planning to Join Philadelphia 76ers?

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
NBA Trade Rumors: Paul George Planning to Join Philadelphia 76ers?
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Paul George is looking to step out of Indiana Pacers and all of Philly is excited. Sixers are looking to steal PG13 from Indiana and they might just get him. Read on.

George, who is a small forward and a shooting guard, may just be what the doctor ordered for Philadelphia 76ers. The sixers haven’t seen a good season in three years and fans are just waiting to hear some sort of good news that will boost their confidence in their team. The team have been eyeing George for almost a year now. The fans have been whispering about the trade for a year now and now that PG13 is feeling a little upset with the Indiana Pacers, they have their shot at bagging him.

To be fair, snagging George is a long shot. The Pacers are obviously not going to give up their best player for nothing. But the Pacers have made their mistakes in the last season. David West and Roy Hibbert are not playing for the team anymore and the team is looking the poorer for it. The Pacers fans were obviously thinking that Hibbert’s trade will keep George happy, given their differences, but as it turns out the boys actually liked playing together. If there was a rift developing between the two players, it is in the past. Although, Hibbert seems to be getting all the media attention because now he is in the Lakers, he does miss George. He was the man he chose to meet up with in his last few days in his Indiana home.

Paul George can do good things for Philly. The Philadelphia 76ers will obviously try to trade Nerlens Noel or Jahlil Okafor with the pacers who will want bigs as they are in short supply in their team.

Yibada reported the news first.

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