NBA Trade Rumors: Tristan Thompson May Not Stay With Cleveland Cavaliers

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
NBA Trade Rumors: Tristan Thompson May Not Stay With Cleveland Cavaliers
Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers’ Power Forward, Tristan Thompson is in for a pleasant surprise. It is rumored that he is being offered a 6.9 million one-year qualifying offer by the Cavaliers and if he were to sign it, he will not only have a sound financial standing this year, he will also get to walk away from the team should he feel constrained or dissatisfied with the contract. Read on.

Thompson has always talked about playing with the Toronto Raptors. After all, he is from Toronto and who wouldn’t want to play for their own town? So now that there is a rumor about that the Cavaliers are only offering him a one-year qualifying contract, everybody is speculating that Thompson will most likely take the contract with the hope of finally walking out of Cleveland Cavalier after next season and joining his favorite team Toronto Raptors. Nothing specific has been said about the contract yet, but everybody is expecting the contract to fall through.

The Cavs had a fine season last year. They showed grit and finesse in dealing with the Golden State Warriors in the finals. It was unfortunate that the Cavs didn’t win the championship, but they did their best. The said team have a way of bouncing back into the game which their fans find very endearing. Nevertheless, they can’t offer really big paychecks to its squad members because they have already overdrawn their account on that front. And this may prompt some players to walk away this preseason.

It is likely that the Cavaliers would see that Tristan might walk off with the one year deal and ditch them for Toronto Raptors next season. If they are hip to the idea, they might try to trade him this season instead of keeping him for a season and giving him a chance to walk away in the next season.

Yibada reported the news first.

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