NBA TRADE RUMORS: Will Hassan WhiteSide Be Traded By the Heat?

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
NBA TRADE RUMORS: Will Hassan WhiteSide Be Traded By the Heat?
Hassan Whiteside

While NBA trade rumors are doing rounds about The Miami Heat’s compulsion to trade Hassan Whiteside, the team has busted those rumors for the time being. But that might be only for show. Whiteside’s contract will be expiring soon after the current season gets over and the player would be getting paid.

Rumors said that Miami Heat has been in quite a dilemma. While team wishes to continue with Hassan Whiteside’s services even for the next season, rumors were rife about its inability to afford the player.

Whiteside would be ready for a fresh contract in the coming summer and that is something, Heat might not be able to offer the player.   That’s because the team management does not have the Bird rights for this great shot-blocking player.

According to Morning News USA, Whiteside currently has 3.96 blocks and is leading the league in this category. He is also one of the top contenders in the fray for winning the title of the ‘Defensive Player of the Year’. The player has already established himself as a premium shot-blocker for sure.


In case Heat is able to trade this player with a sufficient cap room for the nest summer, they are sure of getting a valuable asset. However, if they decide not to trade Whiteside, they might face risks of losing the player. So, it is indeed a tough situation for the Heat while considering the significant impact the player has on this team.

But Heat might not be the team that would pay him as it looks like they cannot. So, according to the NBA Trade rumors, there is a chance that Whiteside can be traded by Heat now to procure something in turn. Alternatively, they might also let the player go once the season comes to an end.

According to NBA trade rumors, Hassan Whiteside is currently earning below a million. But that can change within a year. So it would be in the best interest of Heat to get something back in return. The bottom line is that even through the Heat is fond of Whiteside, and his contributions to the team, it would be a wise decision for trading him though they prefer it or not.


  Picture Source: Facebook/Hassan Whiteside

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